Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It has begun.....

The remodel is official started.  This used to be Mike's room... the dirty square is where his feet went on the wall under the desk. 

Other side of his room...

And the closet is empty.  I took all the bifold doors to the Habitat store. 

Bed room number 2..."guest", but didn't have a bed for the last 5 years.  Sweet!  Carpet is up now and rolled waiting for another charity place to come pick up all the carpet on Saturday.

This is the closet in that room.  It will be walled up on this side!  The center wall in there will come out, making a closet twice as big for me!  We plan on getting closets from IKEA to put against one wall for this room.

Hall closet will get new doors.

Master bedroom... We found 2 wasp nests started up under the window in the wall!  Yuck!  You better believe I will be using spray foam insulation to plug all that up!

This will be the bigger closet, but will have a regular door into it, not the double folding doors.

The stenciling  will go on the walls.  The small bathroom...tub out and a walk in shower in!  Terry has build the cabinets for the bathrooms already.

We will NOT have the "lovely" harvest gold in there any longer!!!

This is the bathroom off the hallway, and I use this one most of the time.  There's more room in there and more cabinet space.  You should see the bathroom downstairs with both of our things shoved in there!!!  Over load!

I will have a new tub and tile on the walls.  I think we are getting a cast iron tub.  It will never wear out!  Good place to jump into for tornadoes!

And this long hallway will get a face lift also.  All the rooms have the "popcorn" ceilings.  That is being scrapped off.  All the stenciling will be painted over.  Freshness after 20 years in the same house. 
I have been getting in at least 2 hours a day quilting.  We work about 4 hours in the morning and then do other things.  Tomorrow we are going to go order the tub, sink, toilet and shower heads that we need.... Terry wants 6 different shower heads in the walk in shower.  I will be trying them all!  Especially the rain one! 
I don't usually agree with spending the most on things like this, but we are planning on living here a very long time.  So why not?  I have enough fabric to last a life time or two.  We have paid off the cars... Geeze,won't it be fun to have 6 different shower heads! 
So the quilt show is in May and I'm getting organized to enter a few quilts!  Then the one in Norris is always on July 4th!  One day only and the quilts are worth the drive out there!!!    We had snow today and it's going to be about 23 tonight.... bundle up and thing warm thoughts! 
As Olaf said in Frozen, some people are worth melting for!  (I got that movie for my birthday!!!)

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