Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eye Candy!!!

This is Quilters DNA!  Great!  the  Pigeon Forge Quilt show was last week.  I went on Thursday and really enjoyed it!  Lots of space for the show...the very last picture will show you that.  But go through these pictures!  Great quilts! 

Interesting 9 patch effect!

close up!  I tried to get the names in the pictures, but you can't always read them. 

Dragons were there!

The quilting was great .

Some look great at a distance and up close!

I'm not a paper piecer, but I do appreciate the work.

This was for sale... I love it, but probably have enough fabric to make it a couple of times over.  She really got it right!

Linda Roy's quilts are amazing!

I love the flowers and vine in this one!! 

Too cute!

This was breath taking!  Amazing!!!

Camels are showing up in more places now!

This had to do with a lime.  Love the work in it!

So well done!

Kids quilts were there too.

They donate to a kids charity.

Simple basket idea and very well done!

Crazy quilting with ties.

Inches make up the picture.

The camera wasn't blurry, it's the technique used to make this.

This was stunning from across the room!  The colors were so vibrant.

And this was very interesting the way she combined the 2 blocks.

(sorry, too fuzzy...)

this was quilted with a big stitch!  Really well done.

I voted for this one!  It was all hand done!

There was a whole category for Hand quilting!  They really do that well.

And here's the full view of the show.  Plenty of room to walk around without bumping into people. 
Great vendors and there's more room in that section for more!  I wish they could have had the challenge quilts up from Quilter's Treasure shop.  Those people were there with the quilts, but the people running the show didn't want to put them up.  Seems that every (AND I mean EVERY) show has problems with the running of it.  You have people from quilt guild's that have never run something before doing the best they can, and I love that.  But when they just get grumpy and don't want to do something because "it's not the way we do it", you have to at least be open and talk with your members to see if they want to try. 
Anyway, we have started the remodel.  Ugh... pulling up carpet and padding.  Taking down trim, doors and towel racks.  Sheet rock this week and we'll add in the right kind of insulation.  So I can see less quilting this week.  We also have to go to stores to pick out lighting and a tub...
So keep quilting! 

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  1. Ah, it did my heart good to read that they had an entire category for hand quilted quilts. I attended a quilt show a couple of weeks ago, and there were only a very few hand quilted quilts (all done by the same church group).

    Maybe I'll get to Pigeon Forge next year! Thanks for the "tour" in the meantime.