Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some of my things....

Ok, this one is piled up waiting.  I did get some done before Terry and I went out of town.  Also have something else that I started.  No reason, just wanted to have something different to work on.

I got a new hat on the trip.  Terry loved it!

Almost done on the one in the frame.  It's turning out really cute!    Got to pick out fabric for the binding.

And today at the Hospital, they were having a jewelry sale, which did include some scarfs, bags and feathery things.  This might look really great on the new hat!
Ok, I was visiting a friend who is in the hospital.  My Mom had always told me to have friends of every age.  Young people will keep you current on what's happening now.  Older people can give you great advice and help you when you need it.  My friend is older... and I really care about him and his wife.  She "adopted" me after my mother died and helped me get through those tough feelings.  I haven't gone over to their house enough.  So I'm going to do that more and help them out. 
I gave blood today.  Haven't done that in a long time.  A little light headed right now.... but I really feel that if you can donate blood, you should.  They are letting you choose if you want a shirt, or if you will for go the shirt and they will make a donation back to the blood bank.  I skipped the shirt.  They need all the help they can.  You get "free blood" if you or your family needs it within a year from the day you donated. 
So?  What you making now?  I went to the SMQ meeting last night.  Had a lecture on making spirals.  Interesting.  She is teaching a class today and a 2 day class after that.  Keep quilting!

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