Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quilt show is not over!

I do love the modern ones that are not of a pattern.  Abstract I guess.

Art Deco! 

This one is by a Japanese woman!  How much more out of the box can you get!  The colors really shined on the black background.

Pretty cool.

This one was so life like, it took your breath away when you turned the corner.

( its on it's side.)

The same Japanese woman did this one also!  Love it! 

Folded fabric pieces.

Japanese quilts all had origami.

This was such a happy quilt!

As it gets farther from the time I went to the show... I don't remember as many! I'm glad I take pictures.  It does get my imagination going. 
I did go with my hubby to Louisiana.  The trip down was terrible.  Got caught in all the snow in Atlanta.  If it had been the first time I traveled, I would never want to go again.  The meeting days he had to be at, was in Lake Charles at a casino.  Casinos are legal down there now.  I wasn't impressed with all that, so I didn't go in to it.  Almost everyone who did go in lost money.  One man lost $1000!  Wow.  Could have just given it to me!!!  I went to the spa and got a massage!  Better way to spend the money.  After that trip down, I needed to get the knots out of my shoulders and all other muscles. 
I did find a small quilt shop.  Had great fabrics down there.  Since I only had one suitcase and it was to get carried in  I bought one yard each of two fabrics.  Went through other little shops, and only got a couple of very little things.  It was fun.  Then I got to meet a few of the wives of the other guys there for the meeting.  Interesting.  Wonder if I'll ever get to see them again! 
So I'm home and quilting again after almost a whole week of no needling!  Feels good.  SMQ meeting tonight.  I'm going because I miss my friends.   Still trying to catch up on paperwork around the house.  Also had that yearly mammogram today, and it was negative.  You have to take care of yourself!  No one else is responsible for you.  Or else all that fabric will just sit there!
Been reading mystery books that are basted around quilting, sewing or other crafts.  Some are pretty good.  What else can you do in an airport for hours?  I used to take sewing but those people in uniforms get all upset if you pull out a tiny pair of scissors!!! 
Keep quilting!  Get snowed in and enjoy that time in the sewing room!

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