Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quilt is done and the snow is here....

I get this one all done, binding and all.

There is cross hatching and straight lines that go from the yellow 9 patch in the middle out to the edges.

There's the yellow binding that I found in the oldest materials that I have collected.

Then last night before I went to bed, this is how much snow was on the deck.  About 3".

This is in the morning!  6 to 8" of snow!

There was an avalanche off the bush!

And here's the railing and bird house!
I don't mind!  I went out and did a snow snake that swallowed the snowman!  Right out of Calvin and Hobbs!  So I played in the snow for a little while and met the neighbors who moved in a while ago.  They were out making snow men and sliding. 
I figure that being snowed in means I can work on my own things today.  So I'm making up the examples for the bowl koosie to show at the guild meeting.  Quilted on the blue and white big quilt.  I will also work on 2 other wallhangings, just for fun!  I love being snowed in!  Plenty of canned goods on the shelf and stuff in the freezer.  No point in driving anywhere with the roads so sloppy. 
Quilt up a storm today! 

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