Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Projects on the tables.

This one I started after a class about 2 years ago.  The top was interesting, but not exciting enough.  So after getting the new fabric in Florida last month, I have been unsewing this and adding in the fabric with the women and sewing items.  Getting better!   Not sewn all together yet.

Several months ago, Gloria brought this fabric into bee and issued a challenge to make something (anything) out of it!  And I have started a small project, which will lead to another one or two small projects.  What would you make?

This is the one in the frame right now!  An old top that never got done.  The owner wanted something traditional in the white squares.  The feather wreath looks really good in there.  The other blocks are a basket with 3 flowers in it.  So I'm quilting soft lines to show the flowers, leaves, stems and the basket.  It's turning out really nice!!!

And this is my table right now.  I have the big blue and white one there that I quilt at when I have alittle time every now and then.  The apple fabric is on top of blue pants that need the hem sewn up... stacks of fabrics at the end are for other future projects!  If I put them away.... well the ideas seem to disappear from my head!  So I figure that if I start them all, then I will eventually get them done.  Or that's the plan... I have buckets of started things.  And I do pull things out of them to work big blue.    I really need a better name for that one.  I'm quilting waves in the larger blue squares.  So names like "tidal pools", or "waves" or "currents".... I don't know yet what will stick. 
Time for bee!  Last week was a snow day!  I miss the girls!   Got to go. 

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