Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What did you do last weekend?!

We took off to the track!  Terry is getting the car onto the trailer.  Truck is loaded up and ready to go. 

This is Terry getting ready to go on the track with the instructor, Chris.  (You can see me in the shine of the car taking the picture.)


Set....  Gone!
We had so much fun driving fast, fast on the track.  Now it's not a race, that's for sure, or I wouldn't be doing this!  We go out with plenty of space between the cars.  You have to have an instructor until they decide you are driving well enough to be without one in the car.  You are there to learn to handle the cars better with safety first....and lots of fun.!  I got faster with each session!!!  I can now take curves at 45 to 65 mph!  And the long straight away I was doing at about 105 to 109 consistently.
I passed 5 cars in one session and another car in another session with the petal to the metal in 4th gear!  I am having so much fun!  Chin Motorsports is the company that sets up great track days.  We also had to attend the 2 classes on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday.  They really explain the dynamics of cars going fast and around corners, vision, and take each corner and explain the best (and safest) way to take them.  So if you can go watch one of these track days or weekends, you will probably want to join in the fun.  It's something that Terry and I can do together!!!  We do have a video and he took pictures of me out there driving. to be home smiling after a great weekend.  Just filled up the fridge with food and there's a quilt meeting tomorrow.  I haven't sewn anything in over 4 days.  My fingers are loosing the tough pads that build up!  Time to eat lunch and sew!!! 
Go have some fun!  If you don't do it today, you'll be a day older before you get to it!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Projects on the tables.

This one I started after a class about 2 years ago.  The top was interesting, but not exciting enough.  So after getting the new fabric in Florida last month, I have been unsewing this and adding in the fabric with the women and sewing items.  Getting better!   Not sewn all together yet.

Several months ago, Gloria brought this fabric into bee and issued a challenge to make something (anything) out of it!  And I have started a small project, which will lead to another one or two small projects.  What would you make?

This is the one in the frame right now!  An old top that never got done.  The owner wanted something traditional in the white squares.  The feather wreath looks really good in there.  The other blocks are a basket with 3 flowers in it.  So I'm quilting soft lines to show the flowers, leaves, stems and the basket.  It's turning out really nice!!!

And this is my table right now.  I have the big blue and white one there that I quilt at when I have alittle time every now and then.  The apple fabric is on top of blue pants that need the hem sewn up... stacks of fabrics at the end are for other future projects!  If I put them away.... well the ideas seem to disappear from my head!  So I figure that if I start them all, then I will eventually get them done.  Or that's the plan... I have buckets of started things.  And I do pull things out of them to work big blue.    I really need a better name for that one.  I'm quilting waves in the larger blue squares.  So names like "tidal pools", or "waves" or "currents".... I don't know yet what will stick. 
Time for bee!  Last week was a snow day!  I miss the girls!   Got to go. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ever been to someone's house that was FULL of great stuff!

Here's Mary's house...well out in front!

Candace is taking us over there to see all that Mary makes and collects.

Here are some of the things that she puts together out of things she has collected all her life.

Love the Rollerdillo.

This starts all the collections around her living spaces.

This is her work studio.  It used to be a screened in porch.  Her hubby walled it in and made the stained glass windows!

Really great light coming in them.

So one to all the different parts of the studio.  There were several "paths" to get into different work areas.

Tone, Candace, and I wanted to dig through all the boxes of things, but it would have taken weeks!

That's Mary's last name.

Back in the house.  This is a head board that was painted.  She loves cats (can you tell?).

Great way to show off old purses.

And a couple of great quilts there too!

The "other side of the screened in porch.

with even more dodads and thingies.


Candace, Mary, and Tone in Florida.  Mary is coming up in April and I'll bring her to bee and around to thrift stores and antique shops.  This will be fun!!!