Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not even half the way through the show pictures!

Love the individual pieces that are then attached to each other.  Very clever.

Did try to do some close ups of several quilts.

This was stunning, the picture doesn't do it justice.

African quilts!

Then they had an exhibit of older quilt tops that were machine quilted.  I wasn't keen on doing that.  I would rather see them handquilted.  But anything is game now a days.

Here's the close up of the cute little baskets of flowers.  Each one is a little different than the others.

Some kids did their own drawings and made quilts from them!  I love this one!

Another kid's quilt.

Some people are just so far out of the box!  This was all different squares, each finished on it's own and put together.

I really loved the colors in this one.

Those are the curtain rings on this quilt.

The close up of the earlier quilt.  Sections are held together by the leaves.

Looks great on the black curtain.

I love the smaller quilts with the waves in them.

There's Tone next to her quilt.  This contest hasn't been judged yet.  So it was interesting to see the quilts before prizes are awarded.

Such details of the flowers and birds!

Love the linear design.

See!  You can design your own things!!!

These quilts are from other countries.

This was sooooo cool!

All circles of fabrics to make up the great big circle.

There are more to share.
I'm getting ready to hibernate for a few days.  It's snowing out and I can't stand the cold weather any more.  So I will be quilting as fast as I can.... been working out an idea for another quilt of my own design.  A wall hanging that is fun!  Thinking it might be reversible too.  I think I get more of my own things started about this time of year.  Love to get colors out and create.  I hate the gray of winter.  Just too boring.  What color would you like snow to be?  What if it changed colors like leaves do?  Not from white to gray.  It does that already.  But white to magenta to green and blue.  Could be very cool! 
Plan to surprise yourself and just try to do something different!

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