Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New year.... ok?  When did that happen!  I'm so out of touch with what day it really is.  When something messes with my schedule, I am lost. Yesterday Terry and I went to Panera's for a bagel, and I thought it was Sunday when we usually go for bagels.... then I thought it was Wednesday and got something out of the freezer to fix for dinner when Mike was coming over...  That went back into the fridge... Couldn't workout this morning because of this holiday.  So it still feels like the weekend. 

Mike came over this afternoon and we had our Christmas with him.  He's putting together a huge Lego set!  We have watched the movie Red 2.  I love that!

Seems like 2013 rushed past me without even putting on a blinker!  I did get a lot of work done.  Need to up date my records so I can tell you how many quilts I did quilt.  At least I have one basted now that I can work on at the table.  I'm cutting out 6 more of the bowl koosies.  They are a big hit this Christmas.  So I have a few more people that I want to get a couple to... 2 each. 

So the year is starting off by getting very busy in January all ready.  Don't forget to stop and just relax.  Isn't that what all these time saving things are for?  To get some time to relax and enjoy something!  Call a friend that you haven't heard from in a long time.  Or write a letter.  Do something nice every day and make other people feel better.  You'll stack up some Karma Credit for the future! 

Terry's birthday is soon and then Mike's... Mine in in March.  Got ideas all ready for B-days.  And I will be starting many new quilts this year and cutting up some of my wonderful fabrics!  I need to play more!!!  Got several ideas for art quilts, and will probably do series of them.  So stay tuned while I adjust my set....


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