Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two done!!!

"Wonky Logs" is done.  I had to put the hanging sleeve, or casing, on the back.  Tricky because there are NO straight lines.  I got it on there and it does hang straight, I tried it out. 

So when I enter this in a show, I'll probably enter it in the kid's category.  If I enter it in any other category, the judges just can't relax and enjoy the differences. 

Here you can see my quilting on the blocks. 

And lots of wavy lines in the sashing parts.  Just did whatever hit me at the time.  It took me about a year to piece the curvy parts, and about another year to find time to quilt it.

I love the colors and the unevenness of it.

And I just finished this Lone Star!  I had bought the top in an antique store in Ohio.  It was just calling out to me.  It needed to be hand quilted.  The middle puffs up a bit, but it can't be helped. 

I put on traditional feathers around it all, and extra quilting "behind" the feathers around the star.

It looks like a traditional quilt now.
I really feel that all quilts should get finished.  I have many more quilt tops that are old and should be hand quilted in my opinion. 
It is that turkey day.  Sometimes I wonder what it is really about.  If it brings family and friends together, then great.  But don't forget about the whole "thanks" part.  I am lucky to have fabric more than I will ever use up.  But we have worked for all of it.  Not luck really, but hard work.  And I'm thankful for that work.  I can enjoy working on quilts that I love and finish things.  So I plan on being around for a very long time to get as many quilts done as I can. 
Thanks to all my great Bee friends, family and all quilters.  Keep this art alive. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

One done and more to go!

Got the binding done on this one today!!!  I love it.  I will need to call the owner tomorrow and have him come get it!

Here's the next one being basted.  Nice Grandmother's Flower Garden....

It's this edge that will be tricky to bind. I think I will sew a wide strip of muslin on top and flip it to the back.  Then quilt through all the layers.  Will keep that edge much nicer. 

Went to the Expo Center today to see the Egyptian quilts!  I love them!!!  This is cut out and ironed onto the dark blue fabric, which is nylon.  So I will be able to quilt through that very easily.  Just love the design!  It would take me forever to cut that and applique it down. 

Then I saw this one!  Love, love the bright colors and all the applique.  That's going to go up on my wall as soon as I get a casing on the back.  Need to put a casing on the Wonky Logs too, so when the table clears, that's next.  Just more and more needs to get done.  So I keep at it!
If you have a chance tomorrow, go see those quilts.  They are really unique! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

2 guild meetings and the quilt I'm finishing!

The Oak Ridge guild had a class on making the wreath wallhanging.  They all turned out really well!

The colors are so pretty

Only one or two were quilted and completely done.

Christmas will be pretty with these around their houses.

And a snowman potholder!  So cute!

I'm almost done with this one.  Stitching the binding down today while waiting for UPS to show up! 

This looks well in the empty space.

Some of the plates had 20 pieces around it, others went up to 27!  Would love to talk to the woman who did this. 

Then at the Norris guild, a woman brought in about 20 of her quilts to show us!  All done by hand and hand quilted!!!  She was in her 80's if I'm remembering right.  And she was so sweet! 

Love the stories she told about the quilts.

Lots of tiny green pieces in this one.
So how do you find time to quilt with all that is going on around this time of the year?  You have to make time some days.  Put it on your calendar that this is the day to do quilting.  You do deserve to do what you like.  You also don't have to over do the holidays.  If you have 2 parties close to each other and you have to bring food, make a double batch.  Or buy something at a bakery.  You just don't have to "do it all" for the sake of a holiday that will be here next year!  Pick one thing special to do and then make the most of it. 
We are still clearing out the rooms to work on the remodel.  I would love to be almost done on it, but I'm not busting my butt to over do things.  I just keep moving a few things every day.  It's getting there.  After the other big remodel where I was trying to figure everything out, plenty didn't go according to plan, and it got done.  So I'm trying hard not to spend energy on the worrying.
Weather is dark, cold, and rainy.  Yuck to that.  But I am estatic today!  I PAID OFF THE HOUSE!!!  Wow!  Does this feel great!  I do have to contact the insurance company and the tax offices, but no more large payments every month!!!Yahoo!!!  I did get a bottle of wine to sit down tonight and have a toast about this.  I never thought that this would happen.  After years of doing what financial people suggest, it worked out.  Saving is hard to do at times, but then all of a sudden, you can do this.
I have plenty of fabric to play with for years.  So when hubby finally retires, I'll be very happy in my sewing room.  As for me retiring, I'll just stop taking in quilting for others and finally get around to working on just my own things!
"If it's not one thing, it's your mother."
You have my permission to play with your fabrics!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two more old quilt tops to work on!

This is hand pieced strips given to me by Diane.  She's moving out west and didn't think she would get this done!  So it's mine now.

Ever drive down a side road and see a yard sale sign?  I did on Friday and just felt like I had to go there.  She had 3 quilt tops there for $5 each!  I got this one.  It's in better shape than the other 2.  Those were made from feed sacks and the fabrics were very loosely woven.  It was a "find"!
I love yard sales.  You just never know what will be there.  Most of the time it's a lot of junk.  But junk is in the eye of the beholder.  I collect and use the older metal thimbles.  The metal was thicker with deeper holes for the needles to catch on.  I have worn out many and I'm finding fewer.
Other things that I love to collect are sock darners, slide rulers, salt dishes, and penny candy scoops.  I think I have mentioned all this before.  I try to collect smaller things now!  Except for all the fabric!  I do find sewing supplies in many places, but you have to make sure it's not dirty or smelly. 
Got to go to the Foothill show today.  What an amazing group of creative artists!!!  Just wonderful.  Seeing as how we are trying to clear out half of our upstairs, I didn't get anything there.  Then on the way home, the Expo Center had a huge flea market going on.... the other end of the scale for creativity.  But there were a few booths in there that had older things.  I found one booth that had the good sewing machine needles and scissors.  So I got a good deal on that. 
I have made a bag out of pre quilted fabric to put in my car behind the driver's seat on the floor.  I'm always reaching back there for my water bottles and Kleenex... and it's always moved around.  So this bag should keep things in place and easy to grab when I reach around to get things.  About time I figured this out since I have had this car since 2007!    Better late than never. 
So tomorrow will be a relaxing day in the sewing room and moving ever more stuff downstairs!
Keep sewing!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's on your work tables?

Here's the one I'm putting on beads and embroidery.  Then I will quilt it.  Not sure if it will be hand or machine quilting. 
Just got another "quilt in a box" from a very good friend!  So I'll be organizing what has to be done with this one!
And the one in the frame is coming along.  You can see the quilting on the backing where is it rolled.  Not too much left to do on this one!  Need to baste the next one...but the table is full!!!  What to do....
Also have to keep clearing things out of the rooms.  It's starting (or startling) to get close to the actual remodel.  That will be our holiday fun.  Ho, ho, ho.....

Monday, November 11, 2013

Time flies when you are not looking!

Ok, I thought it was just a day or two ago that I had put up the pictures.  It's been busy around here!  Terry was retired for a whole week, then got a job offer that he couldn't refuse.  So suddenly there is appointments with people, things to check on, and the routine things to try and keep up with!  Tuesdays are "my" day off.  Well, I have the least to do on those days.  But tomorrow there will be running around, paying bills, and moving more stuff downstairs.  Yes, the remodel will still go on even though Terry will be going back to work.

Got 2 out of 3 rooms cleared out.  And 2 out of 5 closets...and none of the 2 bathrooms.  Well, I'm doing it slower than most people so I know where in the world I have put things! 

Back to the quilts... Viewers choice was Linda Roy.  1st was Miriam Land, 2nd was Linda Roy, 3rd was Jan Darnell.  The ones picked for the 8 to represent the quilt guild in the AQS show will be
20 Miriam Land
6 Jan Darnell
19 Donna Wiffen
12 Pat Blankenship
2 Linda Roy
15 Patty Ashworth
18 Chris Windham
9 Jean Lester

The 2 alternates are
13 Gloria Felter
16 Diane Rhea.

So look at my last entry to see the pictures.  The numbers weren't very dark, but they are there. 

I'm still working on the Dresden Plate that is in the frame.  I'm also embroidering a fall wallhanging, and trying to do the "big" stitch on another little quilt that I have had here over a year.  Well....some things just take longer than others. They get buried on my tables and when you start to move things around, viola!  You find good stuff! 

I have made president blocks for 2 out of 3 guilds that I am in.  I just can't keep up with every thing.  I feel like I'm running in place, but I'm not getting it all done, nor am I loosing any weight.  (I feel dumpy this time of the year.)  So keep on trucking.  Christmas is next month... you have time.  And if you don't get everything done that you want to, then you can get it done in January for the next Christmas to come around!

Terry and I went to get our portraits done.  That's everyone's present in my family!  They have all been wanting one with Terry and I together.  So I will get a few frames and boxes, and that's done.  Honestly, shipping is costing more than the presents the last couple of years, so we are going to get smaller items to send. 

I'm not a big fan of holidays.  Yes they are fun, and pushed on you like there's no tomorrow!  One a month, and just one a month.  Christmas stuff was up before Halloween, and all that stuff was marked way done 2 weeks before Halloween.  Crazy.  Don't let it get to you.  Rake leaves with a rake instead of a noise maker.  Enjoy the sunny days, and have hot chocolate before bed!  Tis the season to take it easy!!!

Pull out pretty colors and start a new project!  I give you permission!  Or finish one that you want to!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The challenge came in last night!

At SMQ's meeting, the challenges came in!  There were 21 all together, and they are great!  2 women from the Tellico Village came and judged them.  What a time they had!!!

The challenge was, black and white with a splash of color.  They are so cool!

All different techniques and designs.

You can't see the numbers very well.

but I did get a picture of every one of them.

Lots of excellent designs!!!

This one had beading also.

Just not sure what to think of this one, but it was very well done.

Size had to be between 30 to 60".

This looks really 3d.

They hadn't put the rod up yet.. but it was great!!!

Modern quilting.

3d flowers were pretty!

This one is mine.  "Kudzu never dies".

Tone's great 3d.

Split peas by Gloria.

Louise did this one...

Love the movement in this one.

I really loved this one.  Very delicate design!

This got first place.

Last one to come in...
So I'll list the winners later.  I'm running late this morning, but wanted to get these online!