Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saw batman's Mom today! 


Love bee and all my friends! We do laugh alot! Man do we all need it big time.

Melissa was there.  Her son has a batman tattoo on his chest!  And he's on the swim team!  So when she's watching him at a meet, she's known as Batman's Mom!  Too great!  All the women at bee are strong people.  And very creative! 

We are exchanging the bags for each other and adding great stuff to them!  Nancy has added a HUGE octopus to my bag!  WOW!  I have worked on 3 already, and brought home 2 others to work on.  I love them.  Got some cute ideas for some.  Gloria's is made from the yellow submarine fabric and the Beatles.  So I have a pair of gloves that can be the meanies that fly in the air!  Need to work on that. 

The other is Susan's and it's theme is Wild Women!  Bright and beautiful!  So I have a few ideas for that one too!  Do you like exchanges and challenges?  I think they get my creative juices flowing!

Well, yesterday was the rain and tornado watch, so I didn't go work out.  So today, I went and worked out.  Not my usual day.  And I'll go tomorrow morning and do my food shopping.  I also got my hair cut.  It was driving me crazy....I asked when I had been in last...14 weeks ago!  Unreal.  Just been nuts.  but I could swear I had been in just before Christmas.    Time seems to be zooming past.  I got too many quilts that I want to make!  I did get the Modern one marked and basted yesterday.    Would love to be quilting on that one.  But I have the baby quilt for one customer, and my sheep on the table now.  The one in the frame is so close to being done.. and I have 3 more waiting just for quilting and one to make from begining to end..... and a few more of mine... who needs to sleep. 

Saturday is the Modern quilt guild meeting.  I would like to get to that.  Then tuesday is SMQ's meeting.  Need to go to that.  Just stuff to hand in for bee.  What would I do without quilting? 

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!     Patty

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Daisies with 4 Patches, 35 x 30,  $175

Log Cow Bin 30 x 31, $75
and the Amish Stars 49 x 51, $250.

I have listed a few quilts here that are for sale.  I was asked by a friend if I had any available, and yes, I do.  So if anyone is interested, just let me know.

I have been inside all day with the terrible storm front going by.  Just don't like these storms so I have been sewing with all the lights on and everything unplugged! 

I marked and basted the modern quilt top.  Then I quilted for 2 hours on the one in the frame.  Lunch then more quilting on the one in the hoop.  By changing seats and positions, I don't hurt my back and can keep going!  I'm on my third movie!  Then I went and dug out quilts to take pictures.  I really want to sell off some things.  Just too many in that other room! 

Wow.  It's 10 to 5pm... Where did the last 2 hours go?  I loose track of things when I'm handling quilts!  Love it!

So in September we are planning our trip that will include time in Germany and Italy!  I'm ready!  If there is anyone out there that I could set up a meeting with over there, I would love it!  We will land in Munich, go into the Italian Alps for 3 days, then back to Munich and Stuttgard.  Love this trip already!  You can put your email into the comment section and I can talk with you through that! 

I love checking out all the countries that read this blog.  It is a small world when you see where people are that visit.  Thanks to everyone who stops by and takes a look at my quilts. 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Errands this morning.  Spend all day doing thiings and then you realize that they didn't all get done.  So there's a list for tomorrow already.  Then ran my washing machine through it's cleaning cycle.. and 20 minutes left and it made a sound like thunder and went down to 2 minutes.  Great... I guess I have to call Sears repair now.  Don't know why it jumped to the end of the cycle... but there was alittle water in there and it was soapy...

Things come in 3's... that's the second.  So I am waiting for the roofers to call back from yesterdays call.  Had water dripping down on the front porch from under the roof.  It's only 1 1 /2 years old. 

So I'm going to quilt now.  I just want to not think about broken things.  The weather is gray.  I got several things done... just want to create and have some fun!  Patty

Sunday, January 27, 2013

You have any great music that you put on to get you moving and creating?  I have Tower of Power on the tv.  Their 40th anniversary special was great!!!  I just ordered a couple of cd's to have in here and the car.  Just love their funk!  They are playing in Nashville in April!  OMG.  I really should try to go.  They are just a blast!  Like listening to all bright colors!

I have been getting little things done.  There has been a pile of junk on one side of the table with the sewing machine.  So I have ironed on interfacing onto t shirt designs that I cut out through out last year.  I have been working on the flannel slippers that I cut out sometime last year.  The pile is bottomless!  There are clothes that I cut out last spring!  The tank top needs to get sewn up!  I would never make it on project runway....only 1 day to sew something up... never.  And I did have a piece of that interfacing upside down.  Which is now stuck to the presser cloth.  (Swear here...)

So Terry got off ok on the plane... it takes me a couple of days to get things organized.  I have to pick up stuff that was left around.  Amazing how things can be out of place!  I also have to call the roofers tomorrow.  When that ice and rain was here, there was water dripping up under the porch roof.  Strange place to have water coming out!  And you could hear the dripping up in the roof.  So I can't fix that.  Time to call in the guys who worked on it!  Always something.

I'll go work out, then food shop, then home to call people.... THEN sew.  hopefully my fingers will be less sore and I can get into a rythum!!!   Patty

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice on everything. It was supposed to melt, but didn't. So this morning, it was worse!  I did warm up and we went out for coffee... Terry tried to wash the truck after lunch, and had to thaw out the hose first!  It was wound up in one of those things... and he always blows the water out with compressed air.  So it shouldn't have frozen up.  But it did!

Saturday mornings I clean the bathrooms and today I changed the sheets.  Have to do this stuff some time!  Water plants, which I love my indoor plants.  They do well.  I have several that need to go to good homes.  They keep growing  like crazy!  My sister gave me one in a little pot a couple of years ago.  It then was divided into 4 pots...then divided again.  I have 10 pots now and have given away several... so any one want one that lives close by, it's yours!  I also have some huge plants that need to be cut down and restarted.  They got moved to the back room when we remodeled and that was 2 years ago.  They are up to the ceiling!  And I don't have any place to put them again!  I can cut them down and stick parts into the dirt to get them going. 

So my fingers are still very sore on the ends.  I did do some quilting today and yesterday, but have to make sure that one finger doesn't start to bleed again.  It did at bee...on a quilt that I'm working on for me.  DNA in each quilt! 

got to go and learn how to use the scanner... you never know.  I may just need this, or so Terry thinks!  I'll give it a go.  Patty

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aren't they cute!!! I love these frogs.  I did make 2 blocks, but they are still at home, so I don't know why they didn't get there for the block drawing.  Pat is going to donate this to Ronald MacDonald house.  Our guild gives quilts to them to give to any kid that ends up sick at the hospitals and their family is staying at the R.MacD house.  Great quilt for kids.  Don't you love the princess frog!

Bee was great today.  I got there at 10:30, which was a little late, but no one was there.  And no one else showed up until around 11am.  We always laugh so much.  There are plenty of people that are sick right we need the relief from all that the world it throwing at us. 

Tomorrow we are supposedly having freezing rain.  going to start at about 3am... so you know that rush hour will be terrible.  They have started to spray the roads with a brine solution.  Does help dissolve the ice on the road surface.  But I really don't know how well it will work against hours of freezing rain!  I don't mind being stuck inside!  I plan on it!  As long as I'm warm... but freezing rain, well you know the electrical lines could go down. 

Anyways.  Terry is out back again, moving around more downed trees.  Not sure why, but he feels that this needs to be done.... yard work in January?  He really needs to go back to work. 

The Bits and Pieces guild met yesterday.  They had one of the local quilt shops come with 3 different sewing machines.  they explained alot about the machines!  And her hubby does the cleaning and repairs, so he told us what to do and what NOT to do!!!  Very interesting.  I like having the guild meeting in the middle of the day.  This Saturday, the Modern quilt guild is meeting.  I want to go check that out.  As long as the roads are cleared by then!!!

What do you do when you can't get out of the house?  Does it bother you?  I had the end of my finger peel off today.  Sounds terrible, but it builds up such a heavy layer, and then it starts to come off... well, don't pull it.  It goes down into the sensitive skin and bleeds... and then you can't quilt!  It's pretty sore.  I'll soak it in peroxide later.  Then it should be ok tomorrow.  Can't believe it did that.  I do have another bag to work on in the exchange.  I'm having a good time doing these!  Allison loved the leaves.  On the other side, Susan put a bear on it!  Very cute!

Ok, here's the lastest saying I saw.... Wake up and be Awesome!  Don't you love it!  We all need to think positively about ourselves!  You are so worth it.  Patty

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ok, I couldn't get the computer to let me add on a babble for the day.  Why it all came up in blue letters today is beyond me.  I do the same thing everytime and it does what ever it wants...which is different each time.  So I will continue now....

It's 18 degrees outside this morning.  YUCK!  I have an extra layer of clothes on and have many errands to run.  Terry is not leaving today... guess why...yup.... work delays.  Never mind.  But I only got food for me for the week.  Now we have to go again to the store for bread and milk, and dinner stuff. 

Also have to go turn in my paperwork for my entries into the quilt show.  Not a big deal, I just don't want to forget and then find out they are full.  Terry also wants to go look at bathroom fixtures.  The on-going remodel.  We have cabinets in the big room downstairs while he sprays the finish onto other bits of the cabinet front panels.  I keep thinking about all the junk in the 5 closets that will have to go somewhere out of the house!  Ah, but I'm forgetting about that for a while....

We sat down with a calendar and started to plan vacations!  I love that part!!!  About 3 track weekends during the year, with maybe a 4th put in at the end.  Then our trip to England, and a side trip to Germany/N. Italy!!!  Yes!  I'm ready to pack... It's a driving tour of the dolomites and Alps.  (better pack the bag incase I get woozy on the twisty roads.)  Camera ready!  I am so excited about this one!!!  And guess what we will be driving?!!!!

And then I'll get to go see my sister up in New England!  I love to drive up there and see her.  We go antiqueing, play mini gold, go to Maine to the best fabric shop I have found.  Manards... fabric prices are about $3.99 to 5.99 a yard!!!  I come back with my car packed with bags of fabric!  If I ever get into an accident, the airbags wouldn't have room to open up! 

It's so nice to plan a vacation when it's cold out.  Gives me something to look forward to.  In England we'll see Terry's Mum and lots of relatives from her side of the family.  We met so many people last year.  So this year will be a fun trip and we'll enjoy things.   Need to see castles.  I hope Raby Castle will be open when we go.  The last 2 times I have gone, it's been closed.  That place is amazing.  Look it up on line.  I have been there so many times.  It's 5 miles from where Terry's parents live.  They had Elton John concert there once!  I missed it by a day... so check things out before you go so you don't miss great things like concerts. 

Time to get things ready for the day.  Get some time in sewing!  Patty

Stars galore! Very well done!

And a large fabric bag to carry quilts. This is the pattern for the one I'm doing in the bee's exchange.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

To Cynthia!  I don't have your email!  Can you send that to me at  I do want to work on your Hawaiian quilt.  But can't seem to get an answer back to you through the comments. 

two tries at the block exchange piece


this is after I worked on the fabric for Jane's bag! I love doing exchanges.  There are 8 of us doing bags.  All very different from each other!

The block exchange is for Ritzy Thimbles.  Very easy block.  Ends up being 16" square.  So you don't need a ton of them to make up a nice quilt.  With Modern quilting design using even few blocks on the top, then it should not matter how many you get, you can come up with something interesting!

At least the sun is out today!  We went to Panera's for bagels and coffee with the car friends.  I seem to be the only woman who shows up.  Fine with me.  These guys are really nice!  They all tell some funny stories too. 

I keep quilting on the two quilts that are in the frame and hoop.  I haven't had time to work on the sheep much.  I just have to mark on the calendar, TODAY you can quilt on your own stuff.  Either that, or I get wound up in others quilts and cleaning... well, sort of on that....but you have to rake the carpet once in a while, or it goes to dust. 

I have a couple of sayings on the board behind this computor.... "Stay Calm and Quilt", Plan to be surprised, "This could get loud."  Pretty good ones to make me smile.  I need to get some new ones!  Got any you want to share?  Patty

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Picked up yesterday.
Nice to send them home. Just loved that one. She's going to put on the binding herself. Which is fine with me. Those scalloped edges are tricky.

We have snow. And it's way too cold out there for me. So I'm not sure what's going to happen the next few days around here. Tomorrow is friday and I usually go workout and go to the food store... The way things look on the news, it's terrible trying to get around and things are supposed to be freezing up tonight.

  In East TN, there is a strange thing that happens when it's going to snow , and does snow. Everyone runs to the store to buy bread and milk. No kidding. Bread and milk. It'll be all gone by tomorrow. Oh, and poptarts. I understand that. But I don't decide to just eat sandwiches and milk when it snows. I want soup and chocolate. At least our power is on. There are some people who don't have that. I put another quilt on the bed for tonight. Need that!

  At least I will always have things to work on. When you hand quilt, loosing the power is not such a big deal. Do need light.... I wonder where my giant light is? I'm so not prepared for anything.

  Terry's out for his evening walk. Ok, I'll get a good weather report later! People drive like there are dry roads no matter what, and then they wonder why they slid off the road.... Having grown up in New England with snow for 5 to 7 months of the year... I have a really good idea on how to handle snow driving. Like don't go if you don't have to! SLOW DOWN. Take the main highways when possible.... and have blankets, water, and food in the car. If you go off the road and it will be a while before you get help, you'd better be ready for that!

Enough of that for the night. I'm tired already and it's only 6:45... Patty

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More great quilts.
Great quilts! I love show and tell on guild nights.!

Had a customer come and pick up a quilt this afternoon!  We had a wonderful time talking about quilts.  Showed her several things around the sewing room that are being worked on and ones that are waiting their turn.  Not UFO's...but works "In Progress!"  Steeping like great tea, waiting to be enjoyed. 

I am worn out now.  I'm working out longer at the gym and by the end of the day, I have no energy.  But I may turn around and just pick up a needle and thread to work on something for the enjoyment of it all.  How can you not like quilting.  Or anything else where you are making things. 

Well, it's either sew or watch tv and fall asleep!  Patty

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Abe Lincoln quilt top. This is for a customer/friend. She's going to hand quilt this one.

A finished 9 Patch from the class I taught about 1 year ago! It looks wonderful! She had some fasinating fabric to work with.  This group of women get excited about trying different techniques!

I will show more pictures tomorrow of the rest of the quilts that were shown at the meeting.

Right now there is flooding in East Tenneesseeee.  Get your boats!  Schools closed.  Not enough room in the canoes to get them all to the schools!

It's going to get colder, so all this will get icy.  Oh boy. Sit on the sides of the roads and watch the cars go sliding all over the place.  Don't drive if you don't have to in this yucky weather.  Or you will be taking time to fix that car and other stuff you slide into!  It's NOT worth it!  Take some time and stay home!  You know you want to!  Time to sew!!!!!

I bought 2 shirts the other day at the second hand store.  Each one had 6 zippers sewn to the front in a design.  They were too heavy to wear like that.  So I have been Carefully trying to take them off.  Nylon thread is hard to see and the zippers were sewn onto a web type fabric, which gets holes in it very easily... The shirts are cute without the zippers on them.  So I'm going to sew something else on where I have removed the zips.  Then they will be easier to wash too!  If you can't throw it into the machine and walk away, then I really don't want to have it.  Hand wash is a joke and time consumming.  I'm still taking them off the second shirt.....

Time to get dressed and start sewing.  I didn't want to wake Terry up this morning digging for clothes.  So I'm listening to the news and the rain and just enjoying the morning.  I guess if I drank coffee, I would get up and get going quicker.  But I don't see any need to hurry.  I never could stand the bitter taste of coffee.  I love the smell of it brewing.  Never could understand how so many people could drink it!  And you get free coffee everywhere, but have to buy water now!  Mmmm?  What's wrong with that picture!

So the new challenge for the guild is "things that go together."  Fun and Games, cats and dogs, milk and cookies, black and white.... getting the idea?!  should be fun!  Due in August's meeting.  Minumum size is 20" x 30"... They get to pick out what things they want to put onto a quilt!  I love it. 

Terry got "the call" to head back to work this weekend... so my pace will change then.  I get the same amount done, just slightly different timing.  More steady pace, and much slower.... but that's the way things have been for 30 something years! 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Here the bag that I'm going to work on for the bee bag exchange!  Pretty straight forward on design.

these are all the zippers!  6 on one shirt!  The front was so heavy.  And I can't imagine washing that!  I love the shirt even more now that those are off it!  Got to removed them from the blue shirt too. 

I can't believe that I didn't blog since the 9th.  I got alittle sick and just faded out from my regular routines.  It happens.  Nothing like a cold or flu, just sometimes things don't work right and you have to get extra sleep. 

The bag exchange will be fun.  Who ever wants to do this in Bee brings in a bag that is not completely sewn together.  Then we will trade them around and decorate each others.  We each pick a theme to help with what to add.  So mine with all the blue fabric will be "under the sea!"  Lots of fish and things... then I can carry quilts in it. 

Got more paperwork to do and another guild meeting coming up on monday night.  I'm in charge of the challenge in that guild.  That should be fun to see what they come up with. 

So who made resolutions? Who is actually keeping them?  I don't make them any more.  If you are going to start something, pick anytime of the year accept January.  No one lasts more than 3 weeks. 

Having said that, Start all the new projects you want this year!  I give you permission!    Why not?  Good for the creative mind to keep doing different things.  I also figure that if you start it, you won't forget about that as a project later on!  Put all the fabrics in one bag or box, so they don't get cut up for something else.  Done that!  Went to find the binding fabric for a quilt, and I had started something else, and the fabric was all cut up.... oh, well.  There seems to be alittle more fabric around here to pick from!

Another gray, rainy, yucky day around here.  At least it's warmer.  Going to get working on the zippers and quilts now!   Go and have some fun!!!  Patty

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These are some of the blocks that the President of SMQ got as she stepped down from office. It's a tradition in most guilds now to make blocks for that. She gave us each a piece of fabric to incorporate into the blocks to have them all go together.
I really love the way they turned out. Can you pick mine out? If you have been reading my blog, I posted it a while ago....

Got Terry from the airport last night. He landed at 11pm....I was so tired by the time we got home. Slept in an extra hour this morning and still went to workout. But the time I got done on the tread mill (like a stupid hamster), guess what was going on outside the building? I parked way over to one side... and the LAWN guys were out there mowing!!! It's January! Didn't they get the memo that the grass doesn't grow in winter? And I had parked by the lawn figuring that this would not be going on. Those guys don't care if they get grass all over your car. Nor do they care if there are rocks or garbage there. It gets mowed and strewn all over the cars. You should have seen all the people going out there trying to move cars around. I just left. Got cleaned up at home. Laundry going and I'm ready for lunch.

  Nothing is normal today. What is normal anyways? Traditions have changed or faded away. I have Thursday bee every week that keeps me sane. Or at least it's the best part of my week!! Unfortunately, a dr's appointment will delay that for me this week. Dr's just don't understand. Now if Thursday bee were called my group meeting with a dr in charge, that would count.

What do you do to stay "sane"? Quilting gets me through everything. Emotionally, it's a stabilizer. Not to be confused with interfacing (online). Oh the puns and double meanings are just too easy. But working with fabrics is the best way for me to work things out.

I read a story once about a woman who's husband died.  She had made prize winning quilts through out her life.  When he died, she dyed all her beautiful quilts black.  I never understood that until my parents died.  I don't think I'll be dying anything black, but there are mourning quilts made.  I haven't seen too many of those.  I think they are kept out of sight by the makers.  It's just something they have made to help them get through a tough time. 

Most of the time we make quilts for weddings, babies, happier times.  Or just for warmth and be put on the walls to brighten up our walls.  Why do you make quilts?  I don't think I'll ever stop.... Outlet or income.... I just love working with fabrics and have a beautiful thing at the end. 

Try something new this year.  You might be surprised!  Patty

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Well, today I did speed cleaning.... yea, I'd better explain.  I hate to clean.  And if no one notices, why in the world are we putting ourselves out?  So you wait until they notice the place needs cleaning....and in everyone's eyes, that is a different level.  But then they will notice when it changes.  So your decision on when to start.

Ok, half an hour to one hour.  NO MORE should be spent at one time on cleaning.  Period.  First thing in the morning, vacuum the main drags in the house.  Go from one end to the other.  Don't look for the dust bunnies, too small a game.  Go for the elephants or alligators.  If you start at one end like the living room to the bedrooms this time, then the next time go from the bedrooms to the living room.  Different line of sight and you will see other dust animals lurking.  Go for the kill. 

You will work up a sweat.  Yea.  There's your new years' resolution to work out.  Next....dusting.  You know all those phone calls you get from people that  you don't want to talk to?  Play a game.  See how long you can keep them talking and dust while doing it.  That's how long you dust.  Don't go moving things around, go around things.  Again, go for the larger, and obvious clumps.  No one is coming over.  It's not a holiday.  It's winter.  You just don't want to sneeze and see dust on the sides of your slippers. 

Time to pick up the massive amounts of papers that are hanging out.  Throw out the newspapers, magazines, and cards that are just sitting there.  If you don't read them in 2 days of them coming in to the house, then throw them out.  I do save my quilting magazines, and my hubby saves the woodworking ones....but don't keep those paper products.  Dust catchers, and fire hazzards.... just do it.  Unless you are going to insulate with them, OUT!

I had a friend that started to give away 3 things every day!  EVERY DAY!  Really, you can do it.  3 of those old butter containers that are just making that drawer too full.... Go into the back of your sock drawer and actually get rid of the extra socks that you never wear anymore!  Doesn't take long to open one drawer in the morning and clear out 1/3 of the back bunch of stuff that is just sitting in there.  My parents used to use those things for rags and dusters.  So put them in the garage for the oily hands or throw them out.  It's ok.  I give you permission!   (Wave a wand here.)

If you bring something new into the house, then one or two things MUST go out.  Yes you can.... I'm waiting.  NOT FABRIC...I said old socks.  Truly we all have too much clutter.  Too many things.  We are going to remodel the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms later this years.  There's also 5 closets!!!!  Full of crap!  So it's time to work it.  Time to thin the herd.  Ugh.  I'm not going to rent a storage space to drag it all there, then drag it all back, to then decide I don't need it all.  And then fill up nice new closets?  No way.

Well, that's my rant for the day.  I did vacuum from one end to the other.  Dusted as far as I could before I went looking for more of the refills for that duster thingy....and I'm out.  Shall I run to the store to grab some right this minute?  Not on your life.  Next time I'm in a store, I'll try to remember.  Time to go get a coffee at Books A Million...well, there is a dollar store next door.  So I'll go wander around that place and find something to dust with, and other junk...

Two meetings last night.  A board meeting to organize for the year.  That was fun.  Nice group!!!  I'm doing the challenges this year.  We'll let you know what it will be after I tell the guild.  Then the other big guild meeting.  Renewed my memberships to both.  After the meetings a few of us went out for tea.  Just nice to be able to talk things over with the girls!  So I went to bed really late last night.  And with having had tea, I didn't sleep well.  I have to wait up until 11pm to get Terry at the airport I might just have to have a nap later today!  Who ever thinks that I have all this "extra" time to just do what I want.... right.  Think again.  No woman truly has her own life to live.  There are others to take care of, and the house.  I don't mind, I just want people to know that I don't quilt constantly.  But I don't clean as much as others do either!

Get in there and throw something out today.  Then sew!!!!  You'll feel better all the way around.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's the sheep that I have been working on! Slow but surely I will get this done this year! I just love the colors and the cute little guys!
This one was a kit by the Iron Maidens... and it was fun to do. I am going to sell this one and put the money towards the award from Thursday Bee in the up coming SMQ show. So if you are interested, email me and we'll talk.

  Terry is on a plane down to meetings. I have plenty of regular things to do, and meetings on Monday night. Guilds are fun, and there is a lot to help out with any of them. I'm just trying to get back onto an even keep around here. The holidays were suddenly here and I wasn't ready. Now that they are past, I feel like I'm picking up and picking up.

 It's the start of the year and time to get things checked at dr's and make sure this old body is going to keep chugging along. My birthday is in March, but as soon as the calendar goes up, I start to think about that.... like a beaver knaughing down trees. ( Is that how you spell Knaughing? Strange word, but it fits.) Well, I want to start something else to be playing with other pretty fabrics and colors. This year, I want to start all kinds of things. Then the last couple of months, I'll baste and quilt. Going to issue the challenge to a guild this month. Should be fun!!! Love challenges. Gets the creative juices flowing.

  So go! Create! Play around with all that fabric! CUT into it! You can do it. You know you will go get more!!!    Patty

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I haven't got any pictures today....worked on the sheep and started on the one in the frame.  Just a nice day.  Had a coffee out with Terry, got to Walmart, then home.  Did do a couple of hours of paper work.  You wouldn't believe the amount  of paperwork that comes up from making quilts.  Between trying to come up with things for the challenge for one quilt guild (I'll be in charge of this during 2013), then entry forms for the next show.... and keeping up with all the customers papers, and another guild sent out a 4 paper questionare!!!  FOUR pages.  They just don't "get" what the guild wants.

Let me explain... if you are hungry, and you have the same food in the house that you always get.  It's fresh, but you are so tired of it that you just don't want it.... That's where the guild is.  The same-old, same-old quilting stuff.  They get the same kind of classes set up... which is fine, but for most of the guild, they have taken those.  How to applique and machine quilt.  I think the guild wants more design classes.  What to do with all the beautiful fabrics they have!  What is "modern" quilting.  Show them fun, fast techniques that they can play around with. 

I have filled out the form and will turn it in.  Not sure if it will get read. I seem to remember filling these in or something like this every year for years now.  At least they are trying...but .... they have to be open to different ideas and ways of doing things.  Or no one is going to try to be involved. 

Ok, that's my rant for today.  I'm just having fun at home and quilting on my thing for the last couple of days.  Terry goes to a meeting out of town for a couple of days... so my pace changes alittle.  Need to clean the house alittle and that's easier to do when he's gone.  I speed clean..... don't ask.

I'm going to ask the guild to vote on what they want to do for the challenge.  I'll give them 3 choices... this will be fun to see what they want to do!  I believe, that if it's not fun, why do it?  Yea, you have to do some things...but you can make those fun too.  I like challenge ideas that have a double meaning.... like "Thread bare" or Thread Bear?   How about "Some settling may occur"?  That could be fun!  Or "high fiber content"!  Oooo!  There's so many designs that could come from fun thiings like that! 

Well, keep quilting!  It was pizza night.  Saturday night always is.  32 years Terry and I have been together, and we always have pizza on Saturdays!  Easy to run across town for a pizza down at the beer pond..... (that's a joke I heard on tv years ago....)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi Everyone...trying to add a picture with Terry's did I do?  Not bad... only taken 20 minutes and readding the picture several times..... Not sure if I can do this again and again... 

Ok, Terry is helping me figure out how to add in typed words with them in black not light blue and underlined. I have been working on these sheep for 3 days now. I really love the soft colors and the cute faces. Not hard to work on them. I don't have any part of it marked. I just look at it and add wavy lines or something else to enhance the section as I go. Makes it easy for me. Something changed in this program. And as long as I can figure out things with Terry's help... I'll keep blogging. I cancelled the account for extra picture storage. Forget it. They changed how things were working for me! Keep it Simple! Geeze. I'm no whiz at these things. Feels like I'm stumbling through rushing water with slippery rocks under my feet. So I can see why some people change their blog sites. Never understood that. Now I do. Make it difficult and the simple minded people go for something easier. Let's face it, I hand quilt. I love to write letters. (although my Christmas cards are still not all done....) I just want to have some fun talking about quilting and putting up some pictures of projects. So if I can still do this, then I'll be here. If it gets to be a bother, well.... I'll let you know! Patty

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interesting!  I went to put up pictures, and the brower didn't show up!  So how do you get pictures is you can't go get them.  New problems all the time.

Anyways, bee was fun!  Nellie's birthday is coming up so she brought cupcakes!  We have it set up that if it's your birthday, you bring the cake.  Sounds cheeky, but we have such a terrible time remembering who's birthday is when, that this really works.  You also get the kind of cake you like!

Then we went to lunch!  It was so relaxing to just sit and laugh with the girls!  We try to sort out everything, and save the world.  Which we do, every week.  But no one listens to us, so we have to do this every week.  It is fun any which way you look at it!

I have been quilting on the sheep the last 2 days.  I was going to show a picture, but there are "technical" difficults.  I hope it just clears up.... now it's time to quilt!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What have I done the last 2 days?....Mmmm?  Got out my sheep quilt and worked on that.  Coming along as quickly as any hand quilting can go.  There was a party yesterday for the new year at noon.  I can handle that easier than a midnight party now!  Then my son came over and we had a small Christmas together with Terry! 

Now the new year is getting started.  I'll keep quilting!  I have been blogging for over a year now.  What have you liked the most on this blog?  Step by step things?  Just the quilt show pictures?  Letting you know what's happening around my house?  It's hard to come up with something every single day to write about.  And some quilt projects seem to take forever. watching paint dry, or grass grow.  Then all of a sudden it's done. 

One guild wants us to put down 6 projects that we want to finish this year.  As we get them done, they will keep track, and there's something at the end of the year.  Trouble is, I have so many to do for other people, I don't get too many done of mine.  Especially the big ones.  My frame is always full.  Purses or vests can get done in a couple of days.  Other little things are done to make me feel like I have actually gotten something done. 

I'm kind of in 4 guilds now.... one is just a really new one to me, I have to get to the first meeting!  It's the Modern quilt guild.  I'm very interested in this style.  The tops go together very quickly, but they all seem to be machine quilted.  So either I'm going to change that, or I'm going to get more things going under that sewing machine needle. 

2 other guilds are smaller.  Kind of nice to know almost everyone in there.  They laugh alot and really want to see more things and learn.  The larger guild has very big activities going on, like putting on the show every year.  But interest seems to be waning on having different teachers come in.  So that's why it's time for me to venture out of my comfort zone and go learn new things. 

I am always trying to get back into the sewing room.  Didn't feel great today.  Can't be the 1 1/2 glass of champange?  Yea probably.  I don't drink but thought,"what the hell," and took one.  Yucky stuff... So had one with orange juice in with it.... nay, still not great.  Anyways, it has to go through me to go away.  I just don't need to drink.  My body gets pretty mad at me. 

Fabric I can handle...a lot...all the time.  It's wonderful to see something come together with colors blending.  Something you can hold up and show the world that you are here!  Look what I did!  Need a walk in fridge so I can post some on it!  Like little kids pictures up in the kitchen.  These quilts will be around longer than I will.  At least there will be these to show the world that I was here.  Not a monument out of cold stone.  But a quilt that will warm people and make them feel cozy.  The world can never have too many quilts!

Keep quilting!  You are wonderful when you make things!  Patty

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting started on the next quilt!  Can you see the star that will be in each 4 patch?  It takes me about 1 hour to quilt 4 blocks.  Not bad.  80 blocks...we'll see if it only takes 20 hours....

And to finish up 2012...I got the cross stitch piece done.  Will add my name and year to the bottom.  It turned out cute.  I like it with more colors in it than the pattern had called for. 

Here's a closer shot of all those little X's.  Lot of work in a small package.  Easy to carry around and work on.  Hardest part was picking out which color to put in different places. 
I had 2 samplers a long time ago that my Mom had found and bought.  She gave them to me and they sat in a box for years.  Then one woman came to pick up her quilt that I worked on, and we started to talk about samplers.  She collected them!  So I got out the box and she loved them.  I sold them to her.  One had a date of 1829 (?) or something in the 1800's.  She was going to frame them and enjoy them.  I thought that was more important than just hanging on to them.... Now I have one that I did and it means more to me.  So maybe I'll get this framed and hang it up. 
I don't like counted cross stitch as much as this stamped cross stitch.  You have to be so careful with counting, and I have always mis-counted on those.  Then you are taking things out to make it work right.  I don't do these very often.  I used to embroidar all the time.  Needlework is just fun. 
So start new projects!  Great new years resolution.  Why always try to make ones that are painful?  Make some that will be fun to keep!!  Go somewhere new.  Play with all that great fabric you have!  Start 10 new quilts a month.  Is it really that terrible if you don't get them all done?  Nay.  Give yourself permission to have fun.  Wave a "wand" and just go for it!  Last year, I got to go to the Porsche Master's driving school and I passed!!!  There were 2 or 3 guys who didn't!  Hee, hee.  I was the only woman in the class of 29 people.  (No waiting in the ladies room!) 
Not sure what I'll try this year!  Stay tuned.  We are planning on going over to visit Enid in England and maybe see something else over there.  Our friend in Scotland has invited us up there too.  Trips are so much fun.  The price of plane tickets has quadrupled!  So I'm watching those to see if and when they go down!!!! 
I want to make another fleece coat and all that goes with it.  And I hve so many quilts of mine that just need quilting.   So my hands will be busy!
Keep at it!  You are worth it!!!