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Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Two sewing Machines for sale.

As we are clearing things out to get the remodel going, I really should get rid of a couple more sewing machines.  Don't worry, I still have several left... This first Singer is the original portable.  I think because it's not in a table.  It's pretty heavy, and it keep sewing and sewing.  I learned on this one.  It was my Mom's

Original footpetal, still in good shape, good wiring.

Here's the number if you want to look it up.  I think it's about 100 years old!  Boy did they make things to last. 

Here's the pretty machine.  The bent wood cover is in good shape.  This is a straight stitch machine and can do a reverse stitch.  Takes regular sewing needles.  These usually run $75 when I have seen them in shops for sale.  So that's where I'll start.  Then that or best offer over that.

Now here's the Featherweight machine!  I just haven't used it.  The machine is in good shape.  The electrical cord needed to be replaced.  I bought one and just never swapped it over.  There is the button holer in the green little box.  Original 211 booklet with it, and the newer booklet that I found and bought.

The case is missing a latch.  So I did get an extra case at a sewing shop for $25.

Here's the extra case.  The machine fits in it nicely. 

So all this goes together.  I would like to start at $350 and take the best offer over that.
"Meanwhile back at the ranch..."  I have been buying presents, making some, and wrapping them.  Not done yet.  But I'm taking a day to catch up on things in the sewing room!  Almost done with the Grandmother's Flower Garden that is in the frame.  So it's time to baste one to go right in.  Had to order some stencils to mark another one.  It will get traditional feather wreaths on the empty blocks.
I still don't get much time to finish my quilts.  I did get the Lone Star quilt done.  So that is for sale now.  Anyone interested, can leave a comment and I'll get back to you. 
Last night was the party for the Oakridge guild.  It was a blast!  They do laugh a lot!  We had finger food, end of the year PHD contest was done, and the homemade pincushion exchange.  That was a blast!  So much creativity in those!!!  The woman who got my coffee cup cushion said it made her day!  And that made mine!  I got the pattern for that on line.  It was a free download.  I only made them to give away.  I did make one for myself!  Too cute!
So I'm watching animated kids films today.  Fun, music and a happy ending.  And now to iron backing and start the basting!

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