Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Two parties in two days!

Ok, for a sewing room, it's not too messy.  At least I'm getting things done!

At the Norris guild, we had our party on Wednesday.  They play the "dirty Santa" game.  You get to steal things from each other.  Ok, I guess.  But so many times I have played that game and gotten something I really like, and it's gone.

I tried to get pictures of people opening each thing.  It's like watching kids again on Christmas.

At least no one got socks and underwear!

Patterns, fabric, threads, rulers, and storage things were the most common there.

Loretta had this taken away!


I think she likes this one!

Then someone had to steal something....

Now over to Thursday Bee's party!  Lining up for food!  Got to say that all quilters can cook!!1

Lots to eat!  Hot soup, salads, and plenty of sweets!

We have our presents too.  But no stealing from each other....until....

Ah!  Nellie brought in a quilt she made.  This is the BACK!  Very cool.

Here's the front.  She takes our itty bitty scraps and keeps adding on and makes great quilts!

So here's Deb with the number one.  We drew numbers to see who went first!  ( I went around with the numbers and got the highest number.)

Then Tone.  She and Deb got each other's, same as last year.  Just fun!

Sandy didn't get wine...

Linda didn't get chiness take out.

Now Allison picked her own back out!  She had brought scented candles and was afraid that they weren't good enough.  So we changed the rules and if anyone wanted those, then they could take it.  Then Allison had to take another gift.


Susan got the candles!

So Alison did get another bag.

Pat took this one!

Jane got snowflakes.

Sheila got a batiked cat panel! 

Nellie got a beautiful plate.

Mellisa and her mom came to bee.  Linda gave her this painted barn board!
What do you do at your Christmas parties?!  Eating and giving of presents is standard I think.  But we give best presents at bee.  We all know each other so well and have such a good time.  We help each other out all year long, so to give back to each other is very easy to do. 
I did some shopping for presents today.  I'm just starting to feel like it's Christmas.  Less than 2 weeks away!  I'd better kick my butt into gear!  People have been giving me dragons this year already!  It melts my heart!  Some people know me sooo well!  Great friends are the best to get you through the year!!  Thanks to everyone around the world for being there!!!

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