Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My work.

I have had this one block leftover for years from an exchange in Thursday bee.  Every once in a while, it comes up.  this time I put borders on it and have quilted it.

Ta-Da!  It's done. And now I can put it on the wall, or back in another box!

In one quilt guild, they showed different things that are easy to make and are great gifts!  And these are just that!  Bowl Koosies.  (I know the spelling is weird on that.)  But very easy to go.

Here's a side shot so you have a good idea.  You put your bowl of stuff to heat up in the microwave in the koosie and put it all in together.  When you have finished heating things up, the "potholder-koosie" is right there to keep you from burning your fingers!!!  You have to use 100% cotton fabric AND batting, or things might change in the microwave...and not metallic on the fabrics either.

On the other side, 10 1/2" square of fabric with 10" square of batting.  Make the darts, then carefully, cut out the batting.  Iron darts down.

Pin around and sew leaving a space to turn inside out.  Once you turn it, then stitch all the way around with the opening getting stitched closed.
Pretty cool!  I have a bunch going on for presents now.  When I get them sewn up, I'll show you the fabrics I chose.  Lots of fun matching fabrics and colors to people. 
Just finished vaccuming the 3 bedrooms and 4 closets.  Yuck.  But I can tell the dustys have gone away.  Now I'm off to Walmart to try and get some frames and a few Christmas presents.  Good old Walmart.  But their stuff is getting stagnant. They need to do some upgrading and carry more interesting things.....They do have some fabric back.  But when I rang the bell to get something cut, the woman seemed annoyed that she had to come over.  Tough.

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