Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elf working...

Been making many more of the bowl koosies for presents.  I get a bunch made up and think of other people who might like them!  I love picking out the fabrics to use for each person.

Then working on this Grandmothers Flower Garden.  Always takes more time than I thought. 
Now Christmas is sneeking up on me and I am not ready!  Did mail out some things today, but have many more things to take care of.  Do you remember making things in school for presents?  I loved doing that.  Calendars and pencil cans for Dad.  Shoe boxes covered for Mom to keep things in.  Clothes pin receipt holders for notes by the phone.  All kinds of things.

I love these next few pictures.  I have a folder just for fun pictures.  My friend's son got the batman symbol tattooed on his chest, so I always think of her!  I'm sure her batman still is her little boy...

Lovely wreath made with batting for the beard.  Very clever people out there!

Now there are a bunch of us who meet Sunday mornings to have coffee and bagels!  I get lost in some of the car talk, but they all enjoy their cars.

And this one is my favorite!  Got a bunch of friends who I am sure were groupies a few years ago!  Or at least hippies!  Old hippies never die, we just go underground!  And we are very laid back.

This is my kind of tree!  Movement and color.  I'm home by myself for the next two weeks and just don't feel like dragging out the decorations.  So I need to do a wall hanging of a tree.  Much easier to put up and take down!

And this is my montra, my new year's resolution, and what I like to do the best. 
Get ready....Christmas is coming!

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