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Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two more old quilt tops to work on!

This is hand pieced strips given to me by Diane.  She's moving out west and didn't think she would get this done!  So it's mine now.

Ever drive down a side road and see a yard sale sign?  I did on Friday and just felt like I had to go there.  She had 3 quilt tops there for $5 each!  I got this one.  It's in better shape than the other 2.  Those were made from feed sacks and the fabrics were very loosely woven.  It was a "find"!
I love yard sales.  You just never know what will be there.  Most of the time it's a lot of junk.  But junk is in the eye of the beholder.  I collect and use the older metal thimbles.  The metal was thicker with deeper holes for the needles to catch on.  I have worn out many and I'm finding fewer.
Other things that I love to collect are sock darners, slide rulers, salt dishes, and penny candy scoops.  I think I have mentioned all this before.  I try to collect smaller things now!  Except for all the fabric!  I do find sewing supplies in many places, but you have to make sure it's not dirty or smelly. 
Got to go to the Foothill show today.  What an amazing group of creative artists!!!  Just wonderful.  Seeing as how we are trying to clear out half of our upstairs, I didn't get anything there.  Then on the way home, the Expo Center had a huge flea market going on.... the other end of the scale for creativity.  But there were a few booths in there that had older things.  I found one booth that had the good sewing machine needles and scissors.  So I got a good deal on that. 
I have made a bag out of pre quilted fabric to put in my car behind the driver's seat on the floor.  I'm always reaching back there for my water bottles and Kleenex... and it's always moved around.  So this bag should keep things in place and easy to grab when I reach around to get things.  About time I figured this out since I have had this car since 2007!    Better late than never. 
So tomorrow will be a relaxing day in the sewing room and moving ever more stuff downstairs!
Keep sewing!

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  1. I was the the Foothills show on Saturday too. Wish I'd run into you! I got a hand dyed and woven vest and didn't allow myself to look at any of the fabulous jewelry. Okay, I glanced, but kept moving.