Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two done!!!

"Wonky Logs" is done.  I had to put the hanging sleeve, or casing, on the back.  Tricky because there are NO straight lines.  I got it on there and it does hang straight, I tried it out. 

So when I enter this in a show, I'll probably enter it in the kid's category.  If I enter it in any other category, the judges just can't relax and enjoy the differences. 

Here you can see my quilting on the blocks. 

And lots of wavy lines in the sashing parts.  Just did whatever hit me at the time.  It took me about a year to piece the curvy parts, and about another year to find time to quilt it.

I love the colors and the unevenness of it.

And I just finished this Lone Star!  I had bought the top in an antique store in Ohio.  It was just calling out to me.  It needed to be hand quilted.  The middle puffs up a bit, but it can't be helped. 

I put on traditional feathers around it all, and extra quilting "behind" the feathers around the star.

It looks like a traditional quilt now.
I really feel that all quilts should get finished.  I have many more quilt tops that are old and should be hand quilted in my opinion. 
It is that turkey day.  Sometimes I wonder what it is really about.  If it brings family and friends together, then great.  But don't forget about the whole "thanks" part.  I am lucky to have fabric more than I will ever use up.  But we have worked for all of it.  Not luck really, but hard work.  And I'm thankful for that work.  I can enjoy working on quilts that I love and finish things.  So I plan on being around for a very long time to get as many quilts done as I can. 
Thanks to all my great Bee friends, family and all quilters.  Keep this art alive. 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful job quilting that purple quilt! And I love the wonky logs - just my style. See you at bee Thursday.