Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Time flies when you are not looking!

Ok, I thought it was just a day or two ago that I had put up the pictures.  It's been busy around here!  Terry was retired for a whole week, then got a job offer that he couldn't refuse.  So suddenly there is appointments with people, things to check on, and the routine things to try and keep up with!  Tuesdays are "my" day off.  Well, I have the least to do on those days.  But tomorrow there will be running around, paying bills, and moving more stuff downstairs.  Yes, the remodel will still go on even though Terry will be going back to work.

Got 2 out of 3 rooms cleared out.  And 2 out of 5 closets...and none of the 2 bathrooms.  Well, I'm doing it slower than most people so I know where in the world I have put things! 

Back to the quilts... Viewers choice was Linda Roy.  1st was Miriam Land, 2nd was Linda Roy, 3rd was Jan Darnell.  The ones picked for the 8 to represent the quilt guild in the AQS show will be
20 Miriam Land
6 Jan Darnell
19 Donna Wiffen
12 Pat Blankenship
2 Linda Roy
15 Patty Ashworth
18 Chris Windham
9 Jean Lester

The 2 alternates are
13 Gloria Felter
16 Diane Rhea.

So look at my last entry to see the pictures.  The numbers weren't very dark, but they are there. 

I'm still working on the Dresden Plate that is in the frame.  I'm also embroidering a fall wallhanging, and trying to do the "big" stitch on another little quilt that I have had here over a year.  Well....some things just take longer than others. They get buried on my tables and when you start to move things around, viola!  You find good stuff! 

I have made president blocks for 2 out of 3 guilds that I am in.  I just can't keep up with every thing.  I feel like I'm running in place, but I'm not getting it all done, nor am I loosing any weight.  (I feel dumpy this time of the year.)  So keep on trucking.  Christmas is next month... you have time.  And if you don't get everything done that you want to, then you can get it done in January for the next Christmas to come around!

Terry and I went to get our portraits done.  That's everyone's present in my family!  They have all been wanting one with Terry and I together.  So I will get a few frames and boxes, and that's done.  Honestly, shipping is costing more than the presents the last couple of years, so we are going to get smaller items to send. 

I'm not a big fan of holidays.  Yes they are fun, and pushed on you like there's no tomorrow!  One a month, and just one a month.  Christmas stuff was up before Halloween, and all that stuff was marked way done 2 weeks before Halloween.  Crazy.  Don't let it get to you.  Rake leaves with a rake instead of a noise maker.  Enjoy the sunny days, and have hot chocolate before bed!  Tis the season to take it easy!!!

Pull out pretty colors and start a new project!  I give you permission!  Or finish one that you want to!


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