Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

One done and more to go!

Got the binding done on this one today!!!  I love it.  I will need to call the owner tomorrow and have him come get it!

Here's the next one being basted.  Nice Grandmother's Flower Garden....

It's this edge that will be tricky to bind. I think I will sew a wide strip of muslin on top and flip it to the back.  Then quilt through all the layers.  Will keep that edge much nicer. 

Went to the Expo Center today to see the Egyptian quilts!  I love them!!!  This is cut out and ironed onto the dark blue fabric, which is nylon.  So I will be able to quilt through that very easily.  Just love the design!  It would take me forever to cut that and applique it down. 

Then I saw this one!  Love, love the bright colors and all the applique.  That's going to go up on my wall as soon as I get a casing on the back.  Need to put a casing on the Wonky Logs too, so when the table clears, that's next.  Just more and more needs to get done.  So I keep at it!
If you have a chance tomorrow, go see those quilts.  They are really unique! 

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