Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Little things to make for presents!

When Christmas is coming around, do you make things for people?  I love to!  Some people really appreciate hand made things.  So there's the picture of things, and now I will go through them and tell you some things about them.

The smaller ones you can slip onto the bottom of a wine glass stem.  It will catch any drips and you can tell your glass from other people's.  Some people call it a "wine diaper", but I don't like that name... the larger one is the same construction, but you can keep rolls warm in it, or use it to carry things.

I quilted up some Christmassy fabric and put it in a card that was designed to hold pictures!  You can add glitter or other embellishments and mail it.

Pin cushions are fun!  The coffee cups are a free pattern through Joannes' site.  It was pretty easy to make.  So one will be given away.  The smaller pincushion it one that you can put on a finger or thumb and use it while you are sewing.

Fabric buckets are great to use up scraps.  And they hold more scraps or sewing things!  In Europe while we were over there, rolls and breads were served in one similar to this. 

These can hole up to 3 pairs of sissors .  Very easy to make!!!  One was given to me and the other one I made up. 

This is my clam that I designed!  It's a needle case with a pin cushion inside...

See!!!  you can also tuck a small pair of sissors under the pin cushion and the little white pocket holds a thimble.  Had to put on the little silver pearl!

This is a cover for a rolling pin.  Keeps it from getting dirty in the drawer or banged up.  Not that I use rolling pins.  My mother in law had given me one....and Terry used it to roll the air bubbles out from under the vinal flooring when he was putting some down.  So that one will stay in his work shop.  I started to buy some just for collecting them.  I might need one someday?
I do love making things.  Sometimes you just need to make a few small things for a day of fun and see something finished in a short time.  I used to sell things in a shop and you always had to make something new and different.  Not as easy as it sounds.  I did make lots of the thumb pincushions and covered wooden spools with sayings.  Those went over so well, that people were stealing them.  So I don't have things in a shop anymore!  I have so many things around here that I do need an outlet to sell them.  Just seems like if I start doing that, then I don't have time to make things! 
I guess that's what every artist runs into.  Finding a place that can sell their art and doesn't take too much money or time away from the artist.  I understand how galleries have to make money to stay open, but artists don't have much to start with anyways.
So buy from local artists and enjoy keep art alive!

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