Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, November 22, 2013

2 guild meetings and the quilt I'm finishing!

The Oak Ridge guild had a class on making the wreath wallhanging.  They all turned out really well!

The colors are so pretty

Only one or two were quilted and completely done.

Christmas will be pretty with these around their houses.

And a snowman potholder!  So cute!

I'm almost done with this one.  Stitching the binding down today while waiting for UPS to show up! 

This looks well in the empty space.

Some of the plates had 20 pieces around it, others went up to 27!  Would love to talk to the woman who did this. 

Then at the Norris guild, a woman brought in about 20 of her quilts to show us!  All done by hand and hand quilted!!!  She was in her 80's if I'm remembering right.  And she was so sweet! 

Love the stories she told about the quilts.

Lots of tiny green pieces in this one.
So how do you find time to quilt with all that is going on around this time of the year?  You have to make time some days.  Put it on your calendar that this is the day to do quilting.  You do deserve to do what you like.  You also don't have to over do the holidays.  If you have 2 parties close to each other and you have to bring food, make a double batch.  Or buy something at a bakery.  You just don't have to "do it all" for the sake of a holiday that will be here next year!  Pick one thing special to do and then make the most of it. 
We are still clearing out the rooms to work on the remodel.  I would love to be almost done on it, but I'm not busting my butt to over do things.  I just keep moving a few things every day.  It's getting there.  After the other big remodel where I was trying to figure everything out, plenty didn't go according to plan, and it got done.  So I'm trying hard not to spend energy on the worrying.
Weather is dark, cold, and rainy.  Yuck to that.  But I am estatic today!  I PAID OFF THE HOUSE!!!  Wow!  Does this feel great!  I do have to contact the insurance company and the tax offices, but no more large payments every month!!!Yahoo!!!  I did get a bottle of wine to sit down tonight and have a toast about this.  I never thought that this would happen.  After years of doing what financial people suggest, it worked out.  Saving is hard to do at times, but then all of a sudden, you can do this.
I have plenty of fabric to play with for years.  So when hubby finally retires, I'll be very happy in my sewing room.  As for me retiring, I'll just stop taking in quilting for others and finally get around to working on just my own things!
"If it's not one thing, it's your mother."
You have my permission to play with your fabrics!

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