Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where do you go to just wander around?

Besides fabric stores, I love antique shops, thrift stores, and junk shops.  There are so many things that I look for, and most of these things have to be small now!  Like slide rulers!  Oak Ridge built all these things with just slide rulers.  No calculators, or computers.  I had one in chemistry class to figure things out.  Wish I had kept that now.  Not that it would help me figure out how much fabric I need for a quilt...that answer is 72 yards.  Then you know you will have enough.

I also collect older metal thimbles to use in hand quilting.  The older ones are a thicker metal with deeper holes.  I take an 8 in the winter, 9 most of the time, and use a 10 in the summer when my fingers swell in the heat.  I have several now, but they are getting harder and harder to find. 
I also collect "penny candy scoops"  which are the little things that look like miniature beer mugs.  Well, they are not!  Remember penny-candy?  They would scoop out an amount using the little "mugs" and put the candy into little bags.  My grandmother started the collection and passed it to Mom, and she gave it to me!   I have quite a bunch.  And you can't find too many anymore.  Also have Mom's intaglio salts.  Small this etching on the bottom of each one.  Got several of those and they don't take up much room.
Then I started to get sock darners.  Something about them being wooden and all different shapes.  Very cool.  Most people don't know what it is to darn a sock of mend one!  And then I love keys... who knows why!  But I always loved having a key to unlock things.  They are such wonderful shapes.  I have a big bunch of those and love them!  I have seen wind chimes made with many keys on them.  So that is my intention to make one or two of those.  It's on the list.

I have gotten started on the next project!  I will be using fusible to get all the applique on, then hand quilting around things.  Pieced the back ground yesterday and this morning. 
I finally had to turn on the house heater today!  It's going to be down to 32 tonight!  Geeze!  When from cool fall weather to winter in a few days.  Just not fair.  I really don't like the cold any more.  And if it's here in October, we have a long way to go before spring.  Time to hibernate with my fabric and see what comes out of the cave next  spring!!! 
Stay warm with someone you love!

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