Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Northern Italy!

Ok!  Ready for some views!  The Dolomite mountains in Northern Italy!!!  I loved it there.

Going through plenty of small villages on cobble stone roads.  There were 5 cars plus the guide all in a row.  Loved to see peoples' faces as we drove pass.  Even old women!  I'll be one of those soon enough and will love seeing fast cars go by!

We drove very fast up the passes.

The mountains were magnificent. 

This is Stelvio Pass.  It has 47 hairpin turns to go up to the top!  It was on Top Gear as one of the best roads to drive.  Above the tree line, and all I had to do was hold on!!!

They have had the Tour of Italy bike race up over this, that is why there are names on the wall.  Can you imagine riding a bike up here!!!

Took my breath away!

Got up into the snow.

Top of the pass! 

There were cyclist, motorcycles, hikers and even one guy on roller blades.  Skiers were walking up and skiing down to this hotel!

And down the other side!

More mountains and views.

Roads were very narrow and you had to be careful because there wasn't always a wall or barrier on the lower side of the road!

This waterfall went into a lake and the water would go down into the towns for their water supply!  Crystal clear water.
Mentally, I really am going over that trip.  I don't want it to fade into a daily routine.  We had sooooo much fun there.  Great people on the tour and in the cities. 
I am getting another quilt in this week and will put it in line to work on.  So I have to get back to reality somewhat.  I have missed quilting, but I did take a Hawaiian style quilt top to work on while there.  I worked on it at Enid's house.  Got quite a bit done on it.  So my things will go to Bee each week and one other day a week for me to do my stuff.  Have to find a balance. 
Where would your dream trip take you?  I had never been to that part of the world.  It really is beautiful and well worth every penny we spent to go see it! 

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