Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More of the trip!

On the Autobon, Terry got up to 222 kph, which is about 134 mph. 

See the fun he's having!  It was good.  On the way back I got to drive fast.  He was on raining roads, I had dry roads and did 234, which is 145 mph.

We were given a blue car to drive!

In each and every town there is a fountain you can get fresh clear mountain water! 

This was the first night there at dinner.

Out on the bridge over the river that runs through Merano.

This piece was for a music festival that was to happen.  I can see a quilt design in that!

These topriaries are beautiful!!!

All plants!

Not sure how this works into Italian things.

Ah, the Stelvio Pass, going up!

And the road on the other side, going down.

Lunch was "river shrimp" which looked and tasted like crawfish, with sweet little tomatoes.

Our group taking the 2 hours to eat!

Cantalope was brought out in a bowl with ice.

Beef tartar, which I tried everything and enjoyed this!

and pasta was the last course. 

Frank had a blast that day driving on the pass, and passing some cars!

Dinner was "fusion" cooking.  Hard to explain.  Tastes were amazing,but the textures were kind of strange.  This was fish.

This was apple strudel.  Not what I'm used to, it tasted like it, but not enough pastry to chew on.

This was the restaurant with the fusion food.  Not many in the world, super hard to find, and to get into.  So I was happy to have had a chance to try it.  You don't have to like everything, but on a trip, you should try things.

Love this design.... Great for a quilted border!
So I'm back in the work room and trying to keep up.  Also was outside trimming bushes for a couple of hours today.  My hands are not happy.  We are going to meet up with friends for dinner later.... so tomorrow I'll quilt at bee! 
Where was your best vacation?  I did love the Grand Tetons National Park.  That is another fantastic place to go see.  But Italy, really took my breath away!


  1. I love the photo of the gate and am so happy you liked Italy --- and yes, oh these modern food presentations. I am shocked with the apple strudel looks more like an apple without anything. come to me for the real apple strudel or plan to go to Austria, ��

    1. Where are you? I would love homemade Apple Strudel! Can't say that I can make it very well!