Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, October 7, 2013

More of England!

This is Enid's backyard.  She's putting in stones where the veggies used to be.  Easier to take care of.

Her flowers were gorgeous!

I love the names of the little villages and towns.  The first one is Barnard Castle. 

Terry and I went for a walk and you could see the back side of Ingleton.

Raby castle is my favorite castle!!!  Just want to run  through the place investigating all the passage ways!

They don't let you though.

Just wonderful!

All the way around.

This was the keep at the beginning.

Great front door...carriages could go through there and come out in the court yard.

And that is the main entrance through the outer wall.

We had a snack after and I had this cola drink!

Back to Germany... they don't expect people to go for much ice.  So this was the smallest ice machine I have ever seen.(picture just wouldn't stay upright.)

There were these wonderful paintings at this Sheraton Hotel!  So I took pictures of a couple.

Love the hair that goes sideways!

And the artist's name.  The price is in Euro's. 
I'm on the right time zone now...but still thinking about the whole trip.  We are telling the stories over and over, and I don't get tired of that at all.  We do want to go again on a Porsche tour, in 2015.  We should have saved up enough by then! 
So I'm back in the sewing room and loving the touch of fabrics!  Got a really simple pattern to make a cloth sissor carrier for 3 pairs of sissors.  So I want to pick out fabric for those!  Plan on making several for presents! 
The quilt in the frame is coming along nicely!  I should get the quilting done this week.  I'll have to quilt out to the edge in a hoop, so it's not quite done....
Stay calm and quilt! 

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