Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Got to get rid of a couple of things!

I have had this foot pedal machine for quite a while now.  We will be starting our remodel of these rooms, so I'm going to part with this and the other piece of furniture. 

This has a lot of details that you don't see on other footpedal machines.... like the ruler that is set into the wood.

On this throat plate is the patent date!  April 1900 to June 1913.  So it's at least 100 years old.

I haven't used it in ages, so it could use a good shine.

And an electric light was added to it before I got this.

This is an antique wash stand that my Mom gave to me.  I used it to keep baby blankets and things like that in it.  Well, my son is 29 and on his I can part with this also. 

It's in good shape.

Lots of storage space.

Nice design on the drawer.

In the back on this side, the wheel got bumped during a move.  Once you have the washstand in place, I would put the wheel back in the hole and it stays just fine.  I just didn't want to "repair" it and make things worse.  Still have the original wheel with it.

This side is fine.  So?  Anyone who lives close by can make an offer!  Terry gets home in a week and I'd like to get rid of them! 
I am working on a small kit for the fall.  I should have gotten to this one last year...but things kept getting bumped up before it!  Quilt guild meeting last night was fun.  I missed my quilting buddies!!!   Got another meeting tomorrow in Norris! 
So email me if you are interested in either piece.  I'm going to put them on craigs list also. 

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