Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's done!

My uneven log cabin is finished.  I was calling it "Wonky Logs", but I saw another quilt on line with that name.  Should I keep it or not?

I started this Memorial weekend in 2012.  So it does take me time to get to my own quilts.  Still needs a label and casing to hang it up.

Did the quilting in the middle of each block at angles.  Love the curvy lines and waves.

Used all different colored threads in this.  Started out with scraps from my bags of scrap, but as the pieces needed to be bigger and longer, I did pull fabrics out of the stash.  Why not!  I have enough! 
I love bright colors.  I do work with softer colors every once in a while.  But usually in the winter, I use the bright stuff.  Winter is dull and gray.  Need time with all the lights on and colors! 
Got plenty of things to do around the house in the next two days.  Also need to baste another one of my very large quilts.  I keep changing my mind on what to quilt in it.... So once I figure that out... then I can mark it and get going on it. 
Chocolate break, then other work...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where do you go to just wander around?

Besides fabric stores, I love antique shops, thrift stores, and junk shops.  There are so many things that I look for, and most of these things have to be small now!  Like slide rulers!  Oak Ridge built all these things with just slide rulers.  No calculators, or computers.  I had one in chemistry class to figure things out.  Wish I had kept that now.  Not that it would help me figure out how much fabric I need for a quilt...that answer is 72 yards.  Then you know you will have enough.

I also collect older metal thimbles to use in hand quilting.  The older ones are a thicker metal with deeper holes.  I take an 8 in the winter, 9 most of the time, and use a 10 in the summer when my fingers swell in the heat.  I have several now, but they are getting harder and harder to find. 
I also collect "penny candy scoops"  which are the little things that look like miniature beer mugs.  Well, they are not!  Remember penny-candy?  They would scoop out an amount using the little "mugs" and put the candy into little bags.  My grandmother started the collection and passed it to Mom, and she gave it to me!   I have quite a bunch.  And you can't find too many anymore.  Also have Mom's intaglio salts.  Small this etching on the bottom of each one.  Got several of those and they don't take up much room.
Then I started to get sock darners.  Something about them being wooden and all different shapes.  Very cool.  Most people don't know what it is to darn a sock of mend one!  And then I love keys... who knows why!  But I always loved having a key to unlock things.  They are such wonderful shapes.  I have a big bunch of those and love them!  I have seen wind chimes made with many keys on them.  So that is my intention to make one or two of those.  It's on the list.

I have gotten started on the next project!  I will be using fusible to get all the applique on, then hand quilting around things.  Pieced the back ground yesterday and this morning. 
I finally had to turn on the house heater today!  It's going to be down to 32 tonight!  Geeze!  When from cool fall weather to winter in a few days.  Just not fair.  I really don't like the cold any more.  And if it's here in October, we have a long way to go before spring.  Time to hibernate with my fabric and see what comes out of the cave next  spring!!! 
Stay warm with someone you love!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Got to get rid of a couple of things!

I have had this foot pedal machine for quite a while now.  We will be starting our remodel of these rooms, so I'm going to part with this and the other piece of furniture. 

This has a lot of details that you don't see on other footpedal machines.... like the ruler that is set into the wood.

On this throat plate is the patent date!  April 1900 to June 1913.  So it's at least 100 years old.

I haven't used it in ages, so it could use a good shine.

And an electric light was added to it before I got this.

This is an antique wash stand that my Mom gave to me.  I used it to keep baby blankets and things like that in it.  Well, my son is 29 and on his I can part with this also. 

It's in good shape.

Lots of storage space.

Nice design on the drawer.

In the back on this side, the wheel got bumped during a move.  Once you have the washstand in place, I would put the wheel back in the hole and it stays just fine.  I just didn't want to "repair" it and make things worse.  Still have the original wheel with it.

This side is fine.  So?  Anyone who lives close by can make an offer!  Terry gets home in a week and I'd like to get rid of them! 
I am working on a small kit for the fall.  I should have gotten to this one last year...but things kept getting bumped up before it!  Quilt guild meeting last night was fun.  I missed my quilting buddies!!!   Got another meeting tomorrow in Norris! 
So email me if you are interested in either piece.  I'm going to put them on craigs list also. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

First I cleared some things out of the way.....

Then I finished up my challenge piece! 

Added the black cording with green "buds" on it.  Needed some texture!

Also finished this grandmother's flower garden!  I had to add on more florets, but there wasn't any green fabric left.

So I cut out muslin hexes and did all the stitched all of them in around the florets

It ended up being 91" x 99".  Very big!!!
I am still clearing out rooms for Terry and I to get started on the remodel.  Never ending pile of things in the "second" sewing room... It was a catch all for all my over flow when I didn't have time to figure out where to put things.  Trying to get more organized.  It was 2 years ago that we finished the first part of the remodel...and I didn't bring every thing back in here.  Now there's more in both rooms... you always collect more things than the spaces will hold! I can remember when everything I owned used to fit into my van.  That was 1000 years ago!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm not staying focused very well today!

We have a spider outside the sliding glass door.  He's been there for quite a while, eating bugs that would have come into the house.  So I'm fine with him on the outside!

Went and saw my quilt on display at the Art Center in Oak Ridge, TN.  I got an honorable mention....a $25 gift certificate at an Art Supply store!  Love it!

Ok..this is my challenge piece for SMQ..if you are a member, close your eyes and forget you saw this!  It's not done yet.  There will be something else added to it.  The challenge is Black & White and a splash of color. 

Now can you see the color?  The title of this is
"Kudzu Never Dies". 

Ta-da!  My first jelly roll!  The colors just called out to me.  Not sure what will happen yet, but this will be fun.

Here's what's in the frame now. 

And I'm working out to the edge on this piece.  Hope to get this done this week! 
I can't seem to stay focused today.  Cloudy with light rain.  Just makes me want to get out and do something.  But what?  I want to work on my own things right now, but I'm behind on cusstomers things.  So tomorrow at bee, I'll do my things, and then on Saturday.    Although I think there is a BIG craft show up in Asheville?  Went last year on the spur of the moment with Brenda... maybe we should do that again! 
Keep Calm

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What I have been doing.

This is the piece of fabric I got in Italy!  I thought it was thread painted when I first saw it, but it's not.  It's woven this way and is reversible.  So black on white, and white on black.  Been thinking about what to work it into!

I have been repairing this one and it's basted and it in frame.  It was interesting...the plates have different numbers of pieces in them!  20 to 27!

That's why some lie flatter than others!

Grandmother's flower Garden is out of the frame now.  I'm marking the borders and quilting out to the edges.  Almost done!

On vacation, this was given to me.  It holds 3 pairs of sissors.  I also got the pattern, and it looks so easy!  I can see making these for Christmas presents!
Was a busy week with gardening done, and still more to go.  Got my haircut and a few other things done.... But not enough quilting done.  So the next 2 weeks while Terry is at work, I'll be getting much more done.  I feel like I'm finally back "here".  Took longer than usual, but that's because it was such a good vacation.
One of the women at bee had a great saying, "You are your own piece of work".  Love that!  Be yourself and have fun! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More of the trip!

On the Autobon, Terry got up to 222 kph, which is about 134 mph. 

See the fun he's having!  It was good.  On the way back I got to drive fast.  He was on raining roads, I had dry roads and did 234, which is 145 mph.

We were given a blue car to drive!

In each and every town there is a fountain you can get fresh clear mountain water! 

This was the first night there at dinner.

Out on the bridge over the river that runs through Merano.

This piece was for a music festival that was to happen.  I can see a quilt design in that!

These topriaries are beautiful!!!

All plants!

Not sure how this works into Italian things.

Ah, the Stelvio Pass, going up!

And the road on the other side, going down.

Lunch was "river shrimp" which looked and tasted like crawfish, with sweet little tomatoes.

Our group taking the 2 hours to eat!

Cantalope was brought out in a bowl with ice.

Beef tartar, which I tried everything and enjoyed this!

and pasta was the last course. 

Frank had a blast that day driving on the pass, and passing some cars!

Dinner was "fusion" cooking.  Hard to explain.  Tastes were amazing,but the textures were kind of strange.  This was fish.

This was apple strudel.  Not what I'm used to, it tasted like it, but not enough pastry to chew on.

This was the restaurant with the fusion food.  Not many in the world, super hard to find, and to get into.  So I was happy to have had a chance to try it.  You don't have to like everything, but on a trip, you should try things.

Love this design.... Great for a quilted border!
So I'm back in the work room and trying to keep up.  Also was outside trimming bushes for a couple of hours today.  My hands are not happy.  We are going to meet up with friends for dinner later.... so tomorrow I'll quilt at bee! 
Where was your best vacation?  I did love the Grand Tetons National Park.  That is another fantastic place to go see.  But Italy, really took my breath away!