Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

I"ve been to England!

I'm BACK!  Just over 3 weeks of traveling.  It was super!  We went to visit Terry's Mum in north east England.  These are the names of 4 little villages over there!  It's Barnard Castle.  The castle there is falling down.  The town now goes by that name.

Love the little country roads.!  We went walking down this one!

There's Terry out on our walk!

View of Ingleton from afar.

and alittle closer to the back side of it.

We went past this farm!  The pigs were friendly...

free range chickens were curious...

Horse could care less.

Cows were wondering...

This is Margaret and Enid...sisters!  Margaret quilts, so we were sharing a quilt design and talking about quilting things!    Great to see both of them!  Enid is Terry's Mum.

This is the biggest mall in all of England, in Newcastle.  So we had to go have a look around.  Much like American malls.  Unfortunately, they are now running in to the same problems that malls have caused over there.  The small town centers are closing up when the big malls open.

Sheep are skiddish... they don't like you getting close.

Ah!  Raby castle!  My favorite castle.  I hadn't been able to go see it the last couple of times I have been over there!  I go into this place, and it just seems so familiar. 

We could take pictures outside, but not inside.

So I took a bunch.

Just love the fact that it would take about 10 years to add on to the castle.  Walls are 8 to 12 feet thick.  That's a lot of stone!

Pretty cool....

One of the massive front doors.

This was going out of the main entrance of the wall.  Most of the outer wall has been taken down for better views.

Enid at home!  We had the best time over there!!!  Lots of laughing and seeing friends.  She was our "social secretary" and set up when we could meet with people.  It was great!
I didn't say that I was going anywhere before the trip.  Just heard too much stuff about what could happen if you make that known.  So I'm back with several hundred pictures of things.  We were in England for 10 days, then in Germany and Italy for about 9 days on a tour!  We drove Porsches through the mountains into Italy!!! 
Terry and I agreed that this was the best trip EVER for us to have taken together!  If you ever get a chance to take a tour with Porsche....DO IT!!!  It is worth every penny.  We would drive for hours, stop and have a 2 hour lunch.  It included several courses of spectacular food.  Then drive for several more hours and have a 3 hour dinner!  I could get so used to that!  Will be hard to go back to microwave meals.... done in minutes and eaten in less. 
Plenty to share, but the laundry is calling my name!  will show more in the weeks to come!

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