Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Breakfast was never this good!!!

One the trip, breakfast was included!  Beverages, fresh fruits...

more fruits and bowls of yogart!

and more, all fresh as can be!

There's the chef!  He would cook an omelet for you if you just couldn't find enough to eat....I didn't get a pictures of all the hot stuff because they were in covered pans.  they also had a section of sliced meats and smoked salmon!  Yumm.

Butter, cheese, tomatoes..

AND DESSERTS!!!!!  10 of them!  And they were all good!

Chocolate and apple stuffed.

Strudle, cakes... omg.

Then all the breads and rolls.  Bread over there is not as sweet, and is much denser.  So it's almost like eating a meat.

Ok, there's my dessert after all the fruit and yogart.

AND, Terry found a fabric shop for me!!!

It was full up to the ceiling!

It didn't open until 9am, and that's when we took off driving.  So the tour guides said I could have 1/2 hour to shop.... that was more than enough.  I did get ONE piece of fabric that was so different....

Just loved all that was in there.

See!  Up to the ceiling!

And stacked everywhere.

Ah...back to the planet.  This was a beautiful road that we always left the hotel.  So many views that I don't want to forget.
So when you are on vacation, do you try to memorize the things you see, or do you rely on pictures?  I got a bunch of postcards and booklets about things.  Pictures are great... and now I will have to make a quilt with the lastest piece of fabric.... I'll show it tomorrow! 
Meanwhile another person called to come and bring me a quilt to work on.  I have 6 large ones and a small kit to do here....and then my stuff!  Not happy about my time management. 
How do you find time to work?  I gave up cooking and cleaning several years ago.  The bushes are overgrown and I have to hack those back.  I just want to quilt! 

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  1. Oh, what abundance. Do I remember well, this was somewhere in Europe.