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Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Rolling Pin Covers. Why not?!!!

Ever make something just to be different?  I did!  Cover those rolling pins to protect them in the drawers.  I wrote recipes in each one.

Not sure you can read it so I'll type it at the end of the pictures.

And this is what they look like all rolled up.
The bright colored one has a 2 minute fudge recipe written in it.   The pastel cover has this written in it.
What's  Cooking?
~Happy Stew~
One pound of Laughs.
Two cloves of giggles.
Three teaspoons of Snickers.
Whisk with Glee.
Add Smiles and Cheers.
Blend with Understanding.
Bake with Love.
Sprinkle with Kisses.
Serve Warm with Hugs.
Hold Hands and Enjoy!
I made this up and had fun thinking of words and who they could fit into a recipe.  So if you want to copy this, you may.  Just use it for fun and not for profit. 
I have the covers here for sale.  I was asking $24.95.  They are quilted and the recipe is hand written.  The fudge recipe is oh-so gooooood!!!  You make it in the microwave in 2 minutes with 4 ingredients. 


  1. :) Love it!!! :) The recipe written inside is a great idea! Though it took some time to realize that a rolling pin and sewing pin belong to different sorts of pins :).

  2. Hello,
    Fun recipe in those nice rolling pin covers