Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Norris Guild meeting

They are talented over there!!!  Love these striped quilts!

Simple designs can look more complicated when you are done.  It was really striking!

This is wool with lots of embroidery.


Took second place in the bed quilts.  The yellow is over powering in this picture.  The leaves were reproduction fabrics. 

And a little boys quilt!  Just darling.
Terry should be home in a day or two, then things will get busy again.  So I might not be online for a while. 
I found some clothing that I had cut out over a year ago, and it's been sitting there waiting to get sewn together.  So today I have worked on that, as well as color my roots, cleaned the bathroom, loaded up the truck with boxes of my magazines I want to save and took them over to my son's apartment.  He's letting me store things over there so we'll be able to remodel with less stuff around here!  I just don't have enough room in my sewing room to move everything back in to it!  So I have been trying to clear some things out and make way!  Take one step forward and two backwards! 
More things to take to thrift stores.  I am clearing things out that I really don't think I will use anymore.  You have to let go some day.  Remember, we don't really own anything.  We are just the next caretakers of things.  Especially quilts!

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