Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Borders are on!!!

Finally!  I had to applique each side on by hand.  Time consuming... 2 hours each side. 

It looks good!  Right now the size is 92" x 100".  It may not end up being that size.  I have  left about 1 to 2" leeway to square it up later. 

So the batting is in the dryer getting fluffed up and the backing will have to be pieced.  Anyway you look at it, fabric is only 42" wide.  So that's about 84 wide if you use 2 lengths... so I need at least 10" one direction, or 18" if I go the other way.... so I have to see what I have for fabric lengths and put the extra strip down the middle.  Sometimes it takes a day just to get everything ready to be basted!
Still taking things to thrift stores and other places.  Slowly clearing things out of the storage room and my "climate controlled quilt storage room" other words, Mike's old bedroom.  It is so full of stuff!!!  And if that is going into the storage room, then you have to get rid of some stuff down there!
I also painted more of the wall in my little room downstairs.  Remember the room that is painted like I'm on a castle balcony?  Finally just decided to open the paint and do some sponging on the tree for the leaves, and on the fields to make the dividers and grasses.  Pictures tomorrow!  May get some more done on the little castle in the background....
Keep at things and sooner or later, you will see progress!

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