Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Beautiful weekend!

Ok, no pictures!  Sorry about that.... I quilted on the flower garden one and my wonky logs.  I actually cleaned on Saturday.  We all make mistakes.  I was going to quilt all day and somethings just didn't look good, so you get started and then you don't know when to stop!  But it looks good around here now.

Sunny days do that to me.  I just want to have things shine inside the house too.  And when the sun shines in, you can see more dust.  Need I say more?

Then today I slept late and it was wonderful.  Just took my time getting into the sewing room.  Worked on the quilt in the frame and did 2 Italian lessons.  I'm doing ok on that.  Terry's learning German and I'm doing the Italian.  But then we can't practice talking to each other!  After lunch I worked on my piece.  I don't seem to get much time to work on my things anymore!  I also spent 2 hours trying on my clothes to see what (still)fits and what doesn't.  I hate trying on clothes.  They are all over the bed right now.  So I guess I'm not done fooling around with them.  I organize my clothes about once every 10 years....and it's that year now.  Geeze, I have some pretty out of date things, but they are comfy and I love them.  Like the oldest pair of shoes that you just don't want to get rid of.  That's my whole woredrobe.  (spelling is not right, but neither are my clothes.) 

I probably should have worked on the garden while the weather was so nice.  Nay.  Just something else to leave for a while longer.  Everything is growing so much this summer.  I kind of hate to trim it back!  And I don't want to give up time in the sewing room. 

It'll be another busy week coming up.  Just lots of things on the "to do" lists.  At least I feel like I'm sort of keeping up. Norris' guild meeting is Wednesday and they want to have a silent auction.  So I have to dig a few things out for that! 

Keep a quilting!  You can never do too much of that!  Patty

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