Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Another quilt came in!

Would you believe there is a whole quilt in this box!?  She used one of those bags that sucks all the air out... I was amazed when I got it out!  I will show it to you once it is quilted!!

I pulled out my Wonky Logs quilt and been quilting alittle bit on that over the weekend.  About 2/3 done....

Grandmother's Flower Garden is coming along nicely.  Out to an edge!

Been clearing out the 2nd sewing room.  Some went over to my son's apartment for storage while we are going to remodel the bedrooms.  I do have a lot of stuff, but I love it all!  Not willing to give up any fabrics.  Though I have tossed some magazines.  Actually, I take them to doctor's waiting rooms.  Tired of fishing and golf magazines.  So I have been taking them into the hospital and they put them around. 

This is my Hawaiian one that I did a while ago.  Dogwood flowers, I got  a third place on it, or a second.  I don't remember which.  I really loved doing this one!  Can you see the flowers quilted in around the border?  Thought it added a little something extra to the piece.
I got one out of three into the Open Art show in Oak Ridge.  Not bad.  Was surprised at which one they took.  But you never know!  So I have to go pick up the other 2 over the weekend.  The one that got in was "the 4th Day of the Universe".  I love that one.!  But I do love all my quilts!!!
Plan to be surprised!!!
It's more fun that way.

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