Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, July 15, 2013

When did I write last?

Feels like I have been off this planet again!  But having a blast.  Last Thursday at Bee, there were several show and tells, and some people needed advise or help.  This quilt, mmmm?  She wanted to add a fabric that she liked for a border.  But what do you do when you are 15" short?!  UGH!

You redesign a bit!  You can carry out the inside design to use less of the border print!  It will work and look very creative, not like there was anything wrong!

Tone (who's from Norway) is working on an animal that is from her country.  Very interesting!  And wonderful fabric! 

Sandy has finally basted that sampler that she started in Allison's shop in Oak Ridge...years and years ago!  She's going to hand quilt this one.

Here's the other side that was hanging over the table.

Linda's been working on the Dogwood flower quilt.  This is half that she's gotten done.

Now Terry and I went to the track in Birmingham over the weekend.!  What a blast!!!  Even though U Haul messed up our plans by NOT having a trailer around that we RESERVED!  We drove the truck and the car down there.  Not as much fun as being in the same car together, but we got there fine.  The weather was hot and muggy, but the cloud cover kept it from being worse.

Terry's out in the blue car about to pass the yellow car on the first straight away. 

There he is braking to go down the hill into corner 1 at about 95 mph.

there he is on another lap.  The clouds were there.  Sunday it did rain after lunch.  Ruined one of Terry's sessions.  Standing water is not good.  So he waited until the end of the day.  they have an open session for 75 minutes for any level driver to go out.  Terry was out there for about 50 minutes!  He was good!!!

There he is coming up the hill from corner 4 onto the short straight.  Wheeeee!
I can take corners at 45 to 55 mph now.  I was getting much better at going on the driving line!  It's just too much fun to drive as fast as you can handle it!  One instructor that was watching the novice group when Terry was out watching me drive.  The instructor said the novices were driving as fast as the intermediate group this weekend!  Yippee!!! 
OK,  I'm back and there is a guild meeting tonight... There's almost no food in the house... laundry is going, and I just want to sleep with a big smile.  Then quilt! 
Have fun and don't delay in doing the things you really want to do!  If you wait, you'll only be older.  Patty

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