Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two new bags!

First bag is a Tulip pattern bag.  I love that one.  Lots of room inside.  The pattern has 2 pockets on the outside, which I found is never enough.  So I added the big pocket (left side) for a water bottle.  Since it is pre-quilted fabric, the water will stay cooler longer.

Inside, the pattern only put one or two small pockets.  Again, never enough.  There is one on the left that has elastic at the top and Velcro.  The middle one I put a zipper in for safe keeping of things.  The right pocket is for cell phone and has Velcro at the top. 

Better close up of the pockets.

I did leave one side on the outside with nothing.  When I carry the bag, that will be towards my back, so hopefully nothing will fall out, and no one can get into the pocket without me knowing..... yea, right.  The only trouble with a bag with a wide open mouth, is it's easy for anyone to reach into it and take things.  I do think about that since I am going to be traveling and would love to take this one.  So I'll work on something to secure the top better.

Second bag was much bigger to carry more quilts at a time.  There is a folded down section just inside the bag that can be used as a flap to cover quilts in there, or lift up to hold more quilts.

It is also reversible, which I love!  You can see the extra fold here. 
I love making bags.  I have so many that I either use the same one and wear it out, or some never get used.  They go together quickly and I have gotten so good at figuring out pockets that I keep adding them.  It's all fun sewing! 
We had one day of sun and it was sooooooo humid, I really didn't go outside much yesterday.  Here it is all gray and will probably rain again.  Back to quilting! 
There is a quilt shop in Knoxville that will be closing.  Kat Lovers Quilt shop.  They want to close the fabric part of the shop soon, and will have classes into August that have already been set up.  She's been open for 5 years, so she gave it a good run.  Go see what is there so she can finish up.  I hate to see another one close.  But it does take a tremendous amount of energy to run your own business. 
Spend time with your friends.  Call the ones that are not near by.  Let everyone know that you are thinking of them.  Don't assume that they know.  Sometimes it just takes a moment to make someone else feel better.  Friends are always worth the time and effort!!! 
Stay calm and Quilt.

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