Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two done!

Put the binding on this flannel one today.  It's so soft, and very thick.  Can't make the stitches close together because of that.

It is 71" x 80". 

I put a few things on this piece and now it's done.  Needs a casing and name tag on the back.  Can you see what I added?

Green zipper and a yellow one in the opposite corner.  Let's face it, I'm never going to need a bright green zipper for any clothes!

Then I did add on metal bobbins.  Did you know NOT to use them on a computerized sewing machine!  They can become magnetized and ruin the computer components in there!  So sew those onto your quilts.

Then in the little blue squares (I don't know if you can see them in the pictures or not...)  I had left over "eyes" from hook and eye sets, and I sewed 5 or 6 into a circle.  It makes a nice design, like flowers or sunbursts.  Use up those old supplies that are hanging around!
I have had a headcold for over a week.  It's in my ears now and I have been dizzy for a couple of days.  Almost I'm trying to keep going and get things organized around here.  Gave away furniture over the weekend.  And several of the boxes of books and patterns are gone.  Going to get more stuff out of the house... Does it ever end!?
Love all the quilting I'm doing, but I'm itching to start something new for me.  Got plenty here to work on, but the fabrics are calling out to be played with!!!  Got some ideas that will be lots of fun! 
Keep cutting it all up!  There's more coming!

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