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Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The mystery visitor!

Well here it is.  I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but we've never had a box turtle around the house before, as far as I know! 

I hear the stupid alarm in the garage doing it's slow beep..........beep........beep, for the low battery.  I opened the garage door just in case I fall off the 8' ladder.  Got the batteries changed and went to get the sunday paper off the lawn, when I look down and there's the turtle.  He was just outside the garage. 

So I ran into the house to get my camera, and he was inside the garage when I came back out.  Now I'm going to close up the garage and not go anywhere today, so I don't want the little guy stuck in there.

So I set him just outside the door... then I went and put in under one of our bushes.  And it's pouring out so I got soaked.  But I wanted to get him where he might feel better.  He is so cute!  I love the markings on the back.   And the colors in the rain were wonderful!  I can see a turtle quilt coming.!
I was so buggered about the stupid alarm beeping, but then it turned out so cool that I got to see the turtle!  Nice.  I had slept later than usual because it's dark and rainy yet again!  When my son was very little he made up a joke about turtles.  Here goes:  Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the shell station.
(Hee, hee, hee,)
I thought that was pretty good for 5 or 6 year old.
So now I will eat breakfast, read the Sunday paper and find the large Suduko and crossword, then finish up the 2 bags I have been making.  Time to sit at the frame later today.
You should enjoy the little things in life so
you know how to enjoy the big things!

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  1. Next time you find a box turtle check its bottom side. If it's concave then it's a male. Males also have bright orange eyes. Signed, Your Naturalist Friend