Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, July 5, 2013

More pictures!

These are quilts from the Norris quilt show on the 4th of July!  It's one day only.  Viewers Choice is how the ribbons are won.  I got there at about 1pm and sat by the table with the needle cases and pincushions.  Enjoy the creative quilts that this group makes!

This is one of my entries.  It got more votes than any other quilt there!  The women counting  votes had to get another sheet of paper.  So I did get a blue ribbon for this!  Made my day!

I love this one.  It got a blue ribbon also.

(Ready for the close up!)

Here's my other one, Press Any Key.

(Don't know how 2 shots of it got in here....)

This with the buildings was great!

This was a wool one.  Lots of embroidery.

Bee is so cute!

My small piece, "Blooming 9 Patch".

Love the wonky houses in there.  Almost like whoville!

Even has a castle.

Reproduction fabrics really make this so colorful. 

The different Rose Blocks really caught my eye.

Here are come of the needle cases and pin cushions.  (the big orange one was just sitting there from a person who had been working on a project.)

My other big quilt, Circle the Block.  It's just a fun quilt.

Here's the other side of the table with the pincushions.  The one all opened up is the blue ribbon winner.  My clam shell was second place!  So I got 2 ribbons.  Pretty neat! 
I have been working on another bag.  Not that I need another, but they are so fun and easy to make.  I had gotten some double sided prequilted fabric at the SMQ's yardsale.  And I just had to play with it.  Makes great bags, and there will be a few more.  The first one that is almost done is a tulip bag.  I love that pattern.  I add in several extra pockets, and a place for a water bottle to go in, on the outside of the bag.  Since I carry one all the time now, it's nice to have a separate pocket and this will be more insulated with the quilted fabric.
So I'm trying to get things lined up for our next track weekend trip.  UHaul has changed their policies and the computer wouldn't let us reserve a car hauler.  Huh?  We have gotten them before, last one in May....well!  It seems that there are people who don't use them correctly and U Haul is not going to let people do that again by putting more restrictions on this.  So soon you won't even be able to get one.  Anyways...I stood there and said "Well, now what can I do?"  I wasn't leaving without a solution.  He gave me the pamphlet with the 800 number and I stood there and called it.  After punching buttons, talking to 2 people who passed me on, and more buttons, I finally got a guy who could handle it!  He asked me the same questions as the guy there at the shop, and I could rent one.  Don't know what the big deal is or was....but it was 25 minutes on the phone to do what used to take 5 to 10 face to face.  By the way, the car hauler is at a different location, so the guy here is going to get it moved over to their place so it will be easier to pick up.  Thank you!  Then he says as I'm leaving, it's yours if it's still here by next Friday....Huh?  They don't really reserve them.  You can still walk in just before me and get it.  Then you call the 800 number to see where the next closest one is located!  Why make a reservation then?  What a  pain in the butt.
Ok, I'm better now....did I tell you the car needs to have a new water pump put in?  It's still under warrenty, but this is the car we are taking out of town in a week!!!  It never ends, does it.  So I called and dealership, and bless their hearts, they are getting the car in sooner.  I dropped it off this afternoon, and they will start on it Monday morning instead of Wednesday.  I love that dealership, Harper's Porsche!   Yea!  They are the nicest people and really go out of their way to do things for you.  So I'm not going to worry about our trip next weekend. 
Time to sew!!!
Quilting gets you through all kinds of things...
That and chocolate! 

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