Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boxes are going....going....

Not all gone yet!  I am down to 16 boxes of books.  Many more of the patterns, but I'm hoping they will be grabbed up at guild meetings!  I took 3 boxes of books to the library to put in their book sale... go I don't want to have to throw any of these things in the dump.

Went to the chiropractor today and he worked on the upper part of my neck to help my ears drain.  Feels so much better all ready.  Love that guy!!!  If you don't have a chiropractor, you should find one.  I need to find a massage therapist here.  My sister is one, but she lives in NH, which is a 2 day drive.  You have to take care of your body so you can keep quilting! 

Eat plenty of chocolate, just not in the sewing room.... unless it's a brown quilt.

I didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night.  Right now, it's catching up to me.  I want to quilt, but my eyes are not staying open very well...

So I'll just take it easy.  Tomorrow is Bee, and I'll quilt then!   Patty

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two done!

Put the binding on this flannel one today.  It's so soft, and very thick.  Can't make the stitches close together because of that.

It is 71" x 80". 

I put a few things on this piece and now it's done.  Needs a casing and name tag on the back.  Can you see what I added?

Green zipper and a yellow one in the opposite corner.  Let's face it, I'm never going to need a bright green zipper for any clothes!

Then I did add on metal bobbins.  Did you know NOT to use them on a computerized sewing machine!  They can become magnetized and ruin the computer components in there!  So sew those onto your quilts.

Then in the little blue squares (I don't know if you can see them in the pictures or not...)  I had left over "eyes" from hook and eye sets, and I sewed 5 or 6 into a circle.  It makes a nice design, like flowers or sunbursts.  Use up those old supplies that are hanging around!
I have had a headcold for over a week.  It's in my ears now and I have been dizzy for a couple of days.  Almost I'm trying to keep going and get things organized around here.  Gave away furniture over the weekend.  And several of the boxes of books and patterns are gone.  Going to get more stuff out of the house... Does it ever end!?
Love all the quilting I'm doing, but I'm itching to start something new for me.  Got plenty here to work on, but the fabrics are calling out to be played with!!!  Got some ideas that will be lots of fun! 
Keep cutting it all up!  There's more coming!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zig and Zag.

Started this small quilt for fun.  So using a very fast method called "the zig and the zag of it".  Lots of fun and you get things done with very few scraps left!

The back gets done at the same time.

This is the front of the block

You can leave them whole or cut them in half and move the halfs around.

Here's my 12 spool block ready to get set together.  You quilt every thing up before you join them together with zigzag stitching!

TA-DA!  Done in a couple of days. 
So what else did I get into.... omg....

My friend, Elle, who had a pattern company is moving and didn't want to move her patterns and books again.  So she gave them to me.  She had still been selling them on line.  The patterns were about $8 each, and the books were $24.95.    I didn't realize she had so much left!  26 boxes of patterns and

26 boxes of this book.  I am trying to get rid of every thing in a month.  So if you want anything, you can come and take!  But you have to take at least a box full at a time, or I'm not going to bother... with 52 boxes to go, it needs to go fast!  Terry comes home in 2 weeks and I need to move quick!!! 
I was supposed to be clearing out our own stuff so we could remodel the bedrooms and bathrooms and 5 closets...and then I got all these boxes.... My back is hurting from moving them all into the house by myself yesterday.  So I really need to move this stuff out or it goes to the dump! 
You're not getting older, you are having a growing spurt!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Grandmother's flower garden is coming along.  Have to cut out several hexes to fill in between the florets that I added on to the edge of the quilt.

You can see the spaces that need the 3 in a row of the hexagrams.  Then I will add on a wide strip of muslin to make the edges straight.  This means turning under the edges of every hexy in there and appliqueing down.  Yup.  A lot of work.

Here's one that is finished quilting in the frame.  It's ready to come out.  The table is busy right now, so that has to wait until I get the hexes at least in between the florets.

It's this cute!  I found it in an antique shop in Clinton.  It's part of a top, but I'll quilt it up and finish it.  For $6, I couldn't leave it there gathering dust.  It needs some attention and care to be a small wall hanging. 
I'm working as fast as I can.  Need to work on my challenge piece for next month at the Oak Ridge guild!  I'm in charge of it, so I feel I should make a piece.  Just been busy!  Don't have any thing little in progress, so I'll do something.  Ever do the method of the "Zig and the Zag of it"?  Fast and fun!!!  So I'm going to use that way to make the quilt.  I'll take pictures as I go along. 
Remember, don't put the quilt on the bed until the cat dies.

Monday, July 15, 2013

When did I write last?

Feels like I have been off this planet again!  But having a blast.  Last Thursday at Bee, there were several show and tells, and some people needed advise or help.  This quilt, mmmm?  She wanted to add a fabric that she liked for a border.  But what do you do when you are 15" short?!  UGH!

You redesign a bit!  You can carry out the inside design to use less of the border print!  It will work and look very creative, not like there was anything wrong!

Tone (who's from Norway) is working on an animal that is from her country.  Very interesting!  And wonderful fabric! 

Sandy has finally basted that sampler that she started in Allison's shop in Oak Ridge...years and years ago!  She's going to hand quilt this one.

Here's the other side that was hanging over the table.

Linda's been working on the Dogwood flower quilt.  This is half that she's gotten done.

Now Terry and I went to the track in Birmingham over the weekend.!  What a blast!!!  Even though U Haul messed up our plans by NOT having a trailer around that we RESERVED!  We drove the truck and the car down there.  Not as much fun as being in the same car together, but we got there fine.  The weather was hot and muggy, but the cloud cover kept it from being worse.

Terry's out in the blue car about to pass the yellow car on the first straight away. 

There he is braking to go down the hill into corner 1 at about 95 mph.

there he is on another lap.  The clouds were there.  Sunday it did rain after lunch.  Ruined one of Terry's sessions.  Standing water is not good.  So he waited until the end of the day.  they have an open session for 75 minutes for any level driver to go out.  Terry was out there for about 50 minutes!  He was good!!!

There he is coming up the hill from corner 4 onto the short straight.  Wheeeee!
I can take corners at 45 to 55 mph now.  I was getting much better at going on the driving line!  It's just too much fun to drive as fast as you can handle it!  One instructor that was watching the novice group when Terry was out watching me drive.  The instructor said the novices were driving as fast as the intermediate group this weekend!  Yippee!!! 
OK,  I'm back and there is a guild meeting tonight... There's almost no food in the house... laundry is going, and I just want to sleep with a big smile.  Then quilt! 
Have fun and don't delay in doing the things you really want to do!  If you wait, you'll only be older.  Patty

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ever have a good friend who needed help?  My friend, Kate Cox, could sure use anyone's help right now!  If you know her and want to help,  she has been denied another visa to live in the USA... I don't know why, but the simple interview was supposed to just go easily and the lawyer she has been using, said that he's only had one other denial the whole time he has been a lawyer. 

So she asked me to send in an email to and ask for help getting her visa back.  She is in England visiting her children and grand children, and is not sure if they will let her back here other than to "try up loose ends."  She has left her contact lists here in the US thinking that there was no problem.  PLEASE write to help out Kate get back the visa that she needs to keep living here.  She is a wonderful person, great quilter, extordinary teacher and my friend.  Her husband died a few years ago, and she wants to stay over here.  I don't blame her.  Please help.

Thanks so much.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two new bags!

First bag is a Tulip pattern bag.  I love that one.  Lots of room inside.  The pattern has 2 pockets on the outside, which I found is never enough.  So I added the big pocket (left side) for a water bottle.  Since it is pre-quilted fabric, the water will stay cooler longer.

Inside, the pattern only put one or two small pockets.  Again, never enough.  There is one on the left that has elastic at the top and Velcro.  The middle one I put a zipper in for safe keeping of things.  The right pocket is for cell phone and has Velcro at the top. 

Better close up of the pockets.

I did leave one side on the outside with nothing.  When I carry the bag, that will be towards my back, so hopefully nothing will fall out, and no one can get into the pocket without me knowing..... yea, right.  The only trouble with a bag with a wide open mouth, is it's easy for anyone to reach into it and take things.  I do think about that since I am going to be traveling and would love to take this one.  So I'll work on something to secure the top better.

Second bag was much bigger to carry more quilts at a time.  There is a folded down section just inside the bag that can be used as a flap to cover quilts in there, or lift up to hold more quilts.

It is also reversible, which I love!  You can see the extra fold here. 
I love making bags.  I have so many that I either use the same one and wear it out, or some never get used.  They go together quickly and I have gotten so good at figuring out pockets that I keep adding them.  It's all fun sewing! 
We had one day of sun and it was sooooooo humid, I really didn't go outside much yesterday.  Here it is all gray and will probably rain again.  Back to quilting! 
There is a quilt shop in Knoxville that will be closing.  Kat Lovers Quilt shop.  They want to close the fabric part of the shop soon, and will have classes into August that have already been set up.  She's been open for 5 years, so she gave it a good run.  Go see what is there so she can finish up.  I hate to see another one close.  But it does take a tremendous amount of energy to run your own business. 
Spend time with your friends.  Call the ones that are not near by.  Let everyone know that you are thinking of them.  Don't assume that they know.  Sometimes it just takes a moment to make someone else feel better.  Friends are always worth the time and effort!!! 
Stay calm and Quilt.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The mystery visitor!

Well here it is.  I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but we've never had a box turtle around the house before, as far as I know! 

I hear the stupid alarm in the garage doing it's slow beep..........beep........beep, for the low battery.  I opened the garage door just in case I fall off the 8' ladder.  Got the batteries changed and went to get the sunday paper off the lawn, when I look down and there's the turtle.  He was just outside the garage. 

So I ran into the house to get my camera, and he was inside the garage when I came back out.  Now I'm going to close up the garage and not go anywhere today, so I don't want the little guy stuck in there.

So I set him just outside the door... then I went and put in under one of our bushes.  And it's pouring out so I got soaked.  But I wanted to get him where he might feel better.  He is so cute!  I love the markings on the back.   And the colors in the rain were wonderful!  I can see a turtle quilt coming.!
I was so buggered about the stupid alarm beeping, but then it turned out so cool that I got to see the turtle!  Nice.  I had slept later than usual because it's dark and rainy yet again!  When my son was very little he made up a joke about turtles.  Here goes:  Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the shell station.
(Hee, hee, hee,)
I thought that was pretty good for 5 or 6 year old.
So now I will eat breakfast, read the Sunday paper and find the large Suduko and crossword, then finish up the 2 bags I have been making.  Time to sit at the frame later today.
You should enjoy the little things in life so
you know how to enjoy the big things!

Friday, July 5, 2013

More pictures!

These are quilts from the Norris quilt show on the 4th of July!  It's one day only.  Viewers Choice is how the ribbons are won.  I got there at about 1pm and sat by the table with the needle cases and pincushions.  Enjoy the creative quilts that this group makes!

This is one of my entries.  It got more votes than any other quilt there!  The women counting  votes had to get another sheet of paper.  So I did get a blue ribbon for this!  Made my day!

I love this one.  It got a blue ribbon also.

(Ready for the close up!)

Here's my other one, Press Any Key.

(Don't know how 2 shots of it got in here....)

This with the buildings was great!

This was a wool one.  Lots of embroidery.

Bee is so cute!

My small piece, "Blooming 9 Patch".

Love the wonky houses in there.  Almost like whoville!

Even has a castle.

Reproduction fabrics really make this so colorful. 

The different Rose Blocks really caught my eye.

Here are come of the needle cases and pin cushions.  (the big orange one was just sitting there from a person who had been working on a project.)

My other big quilt, Circle the Block.  It's just a fun quilt.

Here's the other side of the table with the pincushions.  The one all opened up is the blue ribbon winner.  My clam shell was second place!  So I got 2 ribbons.  Pretty neat! 
I have been working on another bag.  Not that I need another, but they are so fun and easy to make.  I had gotten some double sided prequilted fabric at the SMQ's yardsale.  And I just had to play with it.  Makes great bags, and there will be a few more.  The first one that is almost done is a tulip bag.  I love that pattern.  I add in several extra pockets, and a place for a water bottle to go in, on the outside of the bag.  Since I carry one all the time now, it's nice to have a separate pocket and this will be more insulated with the quilted fabric.
So I'm trying to get things lined up for our next track weekend trip.  UHaul has changed their policies and the computer wouldn't let us reserve a car hauler.  Huh?  We have gotten them before, last one in May....well!  It seems that there are people who don't use them correctly and U Haul is not going to let people do that again by putting more restrictions on this.  So soon you won't even be able to get one.  Anyways...I stood there and said "Well, now what can I do?"  I wasn't leaving without a solution.  He gave me the pamphlet with the 800 number and I stood there and called it.  After punching buttons, talking to 2 people who passed me on, and more buttons, I finally got a guy who could handle it!  He asked me the same questions as the guy there at the shop, and I could rent one.  Don't know what the big deal is or was....but it was 25 minutes on the phone to do what used to take 5 to 10 face to face.  By the way, the car hauler is at a different location, so the guy here is going to get it moved over to their place so it will be easier to pick up.  Thank you!  Then he says as I'm leaving, it's yours if it's still here by next Friday....Huh?  They don't really reserve them.  You can still walk in just before me and get it.  Then you call the 800 number to see where the next closest one is located!  Why make a reservation then?  What a  pain in the butt.
Ok, I'm better now....did I tell you the car needs to have a new water pump put in?  It's still under warrenty, but this is the car we are taking out of town in a week!!!  It never ends, does it.  So I called and dealership, and bless their hearts, they are getting the car in sooner.  I dropped it off this afternoon, and they will start on it Monday morning instead of Wednesday.  I love that dealership, Harper's Porsche!   Yea!  They are the nicest people and really go out of their way to do things for you.  So I'm not going to worry about our trip next weekend. 
Time to sew!!!
Quilting gets you through all kinds of things...
That and chocolate!