Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love the coast of NH!  Was trying to get the wave splashing the rocks.  Colors were great.

This is inside of the gazebo in Exeder.  The ceiling had this,

The vines were so beautiful.  All mosaic tiles.

And this is the floor with the metal circle with the signs of the zodiac.  So well done and creative.

More of the tile work.

And you can see the zodiac better here.

There were gazebos every where!  This was in Miller Crossing next to a pond and waterfall going over a small dam.

The river "split" and went around the small island with the bridge going over to it.  Island is on the left.  It was so peaceful there! 
I love New England (in the summer).  I won't be up there in the winter unless I absolutely have to.
I have 2 more quilt tops come in this week for work.  So I'm back to working on others things and loving it.  Vacations are sooooo necessary.  I'm finding it hard to get back to my routine.  I seem to have put it out of my head completely when I was gone.  So I'll have to work up a new routine and change the old one!  Sounds good to me!!!
Norris quilt guild had their meeting yesterday.  They are getting ready for their quilt show on the 4th of July!!!  Y'all come see!  It's one day only in Norris.  All of Norris turns into a Norman Rockwell painting!  They have bike races for kids and the kids decorate their bikes for the 4th.  There are the scouts out and bake sales.  There is a big slip and slide set up on the hill, so wear your bathing suits if you want!
The quilt show is pretty GOOD!  It's worth coming on down to see it.  They do a bed turning and show some other quilts too and tell the stories of them.  They will have a display of needle cases and pincushions.  It's viewer's choice and there will be a door prize.  So come and see this great show.

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