Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm back!  The car is empty and the washer is full.  Had a great time at my sister's house.  Plenty of new fabric and clothes to wash up.... oh yea.  I got goodies from antique shops that are old sewing things.  I love sock darners and I found a couple.  Pictures tomorrow once it feels like the car has stopped.  I drove 12 hours yesterday, and 8 today to get back.  Tiring to say the least.  10 police cars in Virginia alone!  They sure were on patrol.  Traffic wasn't bad.  So if you are going to travel, do it Tuesday through Thursday.  Less traffic, and the cost of a hotel room is smaller also. 

Did work on my Hawaiian applique one day when my sister and her hubby went to her 40th reunion.  Had the house to myself, so I didn't feel guilty about sitting there working.  We did spend a couple of days trying to clear out and organize her stuff upstairs.  Boxes went out, things got sorted!  She found stuff that she had been looking for for 2 years.  Then we found a box with all the receipts and check book stubs from 1992 to 1997.... and shredded them....and shredded, and shredded!  So the recycle pile was emormous!  And it's gone!  Even her hubby went through 2 boxes of his old magazines...and some went out. 

So back to my house and ready to get into the quilting room...first I'll order pizza to be delivered...Terry is on his way home from the rig.  He'll be landing in about 1/2 hour.  So we'll both be home at the same time!  He was home almost the whole time I was gone!  But don't worry, they let hubbies into Kroger now without checking ID's....


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  1. I drove back from Connecticut yesterday and can attest to all the police cars. At one "stop" at the entrance to Virginia I saw three police cars laying in wait for speeders.

    I also noticed that they are working on improving the gas station bathrooms in Virginia -- in one three paintings hanging on the wall. In the other flowers and butterflies with "Believe in Your Dreams".