Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Heading out tomorrow!  Leaving Terry at home.  He's not used to being the one at home by himself!  It'll be ok...until the food runs out!  They do let husbands into Kroger now without checking ID's. 

It's a 2 day drive for me to get to my sister's house.  We have such a good time together, that I do this once a year.  I skipped one year and we both felt terrible!   So you have to go see some people on a regular basis!!! 

It was super fun having Candace up here!   Plenty to go do and see.  We did an 800 mile round trip to Athens, Ohio, to go see the Dairy Barn's next quilt exhibit.  Well worth the trip to see them up close.  The techniques are super!!!  So I have more to work on and ideas spilling over in the sewing room.  Not enough time to keep up with things for sure!  I have one in the frame that I have been working on.  Not even half done, but if you don't keep at them, they never get done.  Mine don't always start out with something in mind.  I love to work without a plan...and see what happens!  Quilt as you go! 

So keep quilting and I'll see if I can get on the blog while I'm out of town.  I'll have plenty of pictures when I get back!  And some more fabric!!! 


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