Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

This was at Deb's Birthday party.  the theme was "the 60's"!  So I found the dyed dress, fringed vest and put blue in my hair!  Standing to the left of me is Lynn.

Here's Lynn and her sister, Marian.

Here's Deb and her hubby, Joe.  They were dancing to their song from the 60's.  It was a fun, fun party!  Great food and decorations, and a chocolate fountain!!!  I did eat chocolate, but didn't sit there with a glass and straw.  Deb's daughter is a pro party planner.  She did a terrific job.
So quilting today and then in the afternoon, I'm meeting up with Brenda.  Have you ever gone out to eat and wanted a great dessert but you were just too full from the big portions?  Well, every once in a while, we just go out for dessert.  That's today!  Going to a place that has a chocolate cream pie and a chocolate lasanga.  OH BOY!!! 

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  1. Hi, Patty. What a fun party for Deb! Wish I had been there! Missing you all.
    best, nadia