Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is what we did over the weekend!  It was sunny when we were loading the car onto the trailer. 

Terry does the work.  I just move a few things around.... Then a 5 hour drive down to the track in Atlanta area.  And into the rain....

It poured the first day.  I mean buckets of rain!  Many people left without even getting onto the track.  If you don't have the right tires for driving on water, then that's the end.  We did.  Terry is in the blue car coming down the hill.  This is between turns 11 and 12.  11 is a blind turn you just have to turn the wheel before you actually see the turn and go over the hill under the bridge.  Thank god for instructors!  We had a great one!!!

There he is coming into turn 12 missing the standing water.

Another lap, with less rain coming down.  Atlanta track is so big, it can be raining on one side but not on the other.  Conditions were changing all day. 

Smooth turn.
Terry and I had a blast!  Other than being cold and wet most of the weekend, I had so much fun learning a new (to me) track.  I did really well learning the driving line and was aware of other cars around me.  I did pass one car and we didn't have any crashes.  So it was good!  Sunday afternoon it finally stopped raining and the track was actually dry for our last sessions out there!  Ok, a dry track really is more fun!!!  I was laughing and hooting the whole time out there.  The instructor said we were a very fun couple to teach!  We will be back to this track!!!  Thanks to Chin Motor Sports who sets these events up, and thanks to our instructor, Hal.  (And the one question that most people ask..."How fast did you go?"  I got up to 103 on the back straight away when the track was drying off.)
Ok, I'm ready to quilt!  I feel like I have been off the planet for the weekend.  It is a different world out there!  Nice to go visit! 

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