Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Terry's home and getting the car ready to go to the track this weekend!!!  I'm so excited.  I have been feeling better, but the energy level isn't back up to what I think it should be.  So I'll take it easy and do what I can.  It'll be a treat to go somewhere.  Really!  I am home most of the time working on the same 2 quilts for weeks now, and I would love a change of scenery.  It's spring out there and the weather is getting warmer.  So it's time to get out.

I almost have the one in the frame done!!!  On the last 2 blocks in the 4th corner!!!  Sweet.  The 4 patch quilt is more than half done.... I did get 2 blocks quilted on my Wonky Logs quilt.  I think I should come up with a different name for that one...since I saw someone else has a log cabin quilt with that title.  It was completely different than mine, but the title will get people confused quick enough...

Terry is getting the numbers on the car, change the wheels to the track wheels.  Now he's putting the tape on the front of the car.  The blue painters tape protects the front from stones chipping the paint work on the track.  We didn't do it once and he spent days trying to touch up the little chipped places.  This is time consuming any way you look at it, but peeling off the tape and not having to bend over to paint dots on the car is much easier.

I have a project in my bag to take along.  A Hawaiian design of kudzu!  So if I have time and energy...I'll pull that out to work on.  I have gotten work done before at a track, but it was when Terry used to ride his motorcycle out there.  Now with me doing some driving too,  I don't always have the inclination to sew while there.  But it's in the bag just in case. 

Traveling is a big part of our lives.  I usually like to look for the fabric shops too.  There are plenty down that way, but there won't be time to go do that this weekend.  I am going to visit my sister in June, so I'll hit a couple of shops on that trip.  I used to remember where I got all my fabrics...but not anymore.  Let's just say, I have taken so many trips.  But there is a memory glitch that keeps me from remembering lots of things now.  I have stopped worrying about this.  "Whatever".... As long as you can find your way home to your fabric stash, does it really matter where you bought it all?  And everyone seems to have trouble remembering names, dates, and places.  When I was growing up (and I just sounded like an old fart), our town had 4 numbers to use to dial anyone.  4!  then they added on the 5th and you should have heard the town go crazy.  What do you dial now....?  at least 10 most of the time.  Good thing phones have the numbers in them....

I really need to play with my fabric soon.  Not cutting something out is driving me crazy.  Just need to pick out colors that go together and get something going....

Patty....have a fun weekend!!!

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