Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

OK!!!  Here is the hiden project being done by Thursday Bees!!!  We decided to make placemats for one of the bees daughter who is getting married next week!  They really turned out beautiful and so creative!  Sandy, Mellissa, Allison, and Susan did the first 4 here.

Mine, Nellie, Debbie, and Gloria!

Deb, Linda, Diane, and Pat!

Close up to show the quilting on this one.


Shiela's was turned in today at bee.

And mine!
Tone was there.  These are for her daughter.  So we showed these to her and gave her a fat quarter of the blue fabric so she could make one to go with it.  This was very hard to keep a secret.  I'm not good at that!  And Tone said she had no idea that we were doing this!  What fun to see her face!!! 
So there's a fun idea when there is a group wanting to all make something.  Tone has made all her family members quilts.  So we thought placemats would be creative and individual.  She can mix and match, or turn them over and use them all on the blue side.  Or she can put them all up on the wall as little wall hangings!  Anyway she wants to enjoy them!!!
Tomorrow, I will show you 2 more of the bags that are done.  They are turning out really well too!!!

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