Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Friday, May 31, 2013

It's done!!!  Yea!!!  Do the happy dance here!

I had never read the book until I saw it a couple of weeks ago in the grocery store.  Cute.  So the panel was cut apart and redesigned.

And all hand quilted.  Happy little guy.
So I went to the post office to mail it this morning.  Came around the corner inside and one guy was waiting to use the machine....then he ducked in the line just ahead of me.  Ok, no big deal... then he went to pay with a debit card, and the computer locked up!!!  10 minutes go by and the nice clerk called her supervisor.  No other clerks were there to help the ever growing line.... She finds out that there was just an email about how someone hacked the nation's postal computers and they were all not taking debit or credit cards!!!  Great.  They couldn't have called the clerks to let them know?  So finally another clerk came out and opened up her station.  I paid with cash.  Not that it's ok to hack the postal system, but they have enough problems without help from some stupid person who has nothing better to do!
I'm working on my own stuff for the next couple of days.  Then I'm going out of town for 2 weeks.  Going to see my sister.  Should be a nice drive up there and then just take it easy.  Mini golf, movie or two, and eating lots of good food.  And fabric shopping up in Maine!!!  My car gets loaded down for the trip back.  I'm taking my IPAD, and if I can get on to her house internet, then I can post on this blog!  We'll see how well I do. 
Start something new!  I figure, then I won't forget the ideas if they are started! 

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