Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
Have plenty more castles!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hee, hee!!!  Isn't this wonderful!  This is the start of my bag to carry quilts around.  You take 6 fat quarters and sew them together.  I used blue and wanted "under the sea"for my theme.  And the girls went crazy in such a great way!!!  Octopus was by Nancy.

Cat fish were by Diane.

Jelly fish by Susan.

more fish by Diane!

There are 3 cat fish.

Crab by Pat.

And the sea anemones are by Gloria!!!  I really love the creativity of this group.  I want to take pictures of all the bags when they are done.  Once I sew mine up, then I'll take more pictures.  When I pull up the sides to make the bag, it looks like the octopus is holding on to the bottom of the bag!!!

Here's the next quilt that I'll mark and baste to start quilting.  It's all flannel and the backing is too.  Very cozy and soft.  It'll have simple quilting in it.  Work with the lines that are there.  In the dotted fabric you won't see a quilted design, but straight lines will show up. 
Did do some trimming of bushes out front.  And I lost the clippers.  I think I put them onto the tarp with the cuttings and dragged it all down behind the fence and dumped it.  They were not very good I'll go get another pair.  But it bugs me that I don't know where they ended up.  The garden just looks so good this year!!!  And we have a freeze warning for tonight!!!   It's May for heavens sake! 
My friend is coming up from Florida in about 10 days...10 DAYS!?  I have got to get the house sorted out and get things organized.... Geeze.  We'll have fun and then I go to my sister's house in June.  Love that.  Trips are good for the head and soul.  I don't get as much work done, but I get into a better place mentally. 
What do you do to get into a creative mood?  I don't need more ideas, just the spark to get creative and cut things out. 

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  1. This - your bag - will just be gorgeous. With all the additionsk of fish etc. But the catfish is the funniest and I can laugh about this idea, but all others are beautiful, too. I can get creative in evenings only - or late afternoon, when everything else which is waiting for me in the house is done.
    The sea anomones are so cute, too.