Castles in Moonlight

Castles in Moonlight
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

This weekend was nice.  I cut out another Hawaiian quilt top...the kudzu.  I'm going to try and get it done for the SMQ no pictures of this one!  Try to keep secrets, and I'm getting better.  Not happy about it.  I hate secrets.  But it's fun when you finally show them.

I had a good friend ask me why I didn't bring one of my works to bee to show them.  The one that did win the Quilter's Treasure's challenge.  She sounded mad at me!  Well, I was trying something different, and if it didn't work out, then I wouldn't have been showing it to anyone and no one would know that I had messed up!    So it was my own form of self protection.  I didn't do it to be mean, but someone always comes up with that angle.  So what if I don't show everything I make.  I make soooo much stuff and most times people are like "oh, yea, Patty made another thing."  So I just stopped showing so much. 

Then today, we went to the autocross.  They set up a course in the double parking lot and we are timed.  You are basically trying to better scoring in golf.  But some people just got to "win".  As long as my time goes lower every lap, then I'm doing well.  And it did.  Terry had the cameras hooked up to the car...2 of them.  One facing forward, and the other in the car so you can see what you are actually doing.  I didn't hit any cones, they add 2 seconds to your time.  I did miss one salom your "time" doesn't count.  ok, no biggy.  (No prizes anyways.)  I did get down to 75 seconds to finish the course.  Not the greatest, but not the slowest either.  The guy who was going the fastest, broke something on his car.  So it doesn't always pay to push too hard!

Monday starts the week all over again!  I will have to get to the customers things.  Terry has to start the taxes!  Geeze, he thought he had another month!  What?  Always been due the same time every year.  I got the paperwork sorted out in a box, so he can plug the numbers into the turbo tax...

Haven't gotten a straight answer out of any drs yet.  Test was last Thursday morning and I still have the same pains and problems.  Not great.  So if I don't hear anything by 11am tomorrow, I start to call and leave messages.  No meds, no advice, and no phone calls.... should I pay them?  ...Maybe in pennies...

I feel good after being out in warm sun and the air was cold.  But it was nice to be out and about with friends who laugh alot....a LOT.  They are great to be around.  I forgot my camera!  I'm slipping on this part of blogging... so I'll get it out and do more! 

Keep calm and carry on.  Patty

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